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The city-state nation of Stormwind was originally founded approximately a millennium before the First War by the descendants of the Arathi bloodline who migrated south from the nation of Arathor, and it ruled over the Kingdom of Azeroth. It had a long and peaceful history, with the king served loyally by the knights of the Brotherhood of the Horse and the clerics of the Order of Northshire. Prior to the First War, the Wrynn dynasty ruled over the entire kingdom.Azeroth's idyllic existence was shattered with the opening of the Dark Portal and the invasion of the orcish Horde. After a long and bloody war which cost the lives of both King Wrynn III and his son King Llane Wrynn, the orcs overran the entire kingdom, forcing the survivors to flee to Lordaeron. Anduin Lothar became Regent Lord, guiding the refugee nation in the name of the young Varian Wrynn.Stormwind was the first kingdom invaded by the Horde during the First War. Beloved King Llane was killed in the attacks, and it was in his name that Sir Lothar led Alliance forces to take the city back. With Stormwind under its control again and serving as a strong base of operations, the Alliance eventually wrested most of Azeroth from the Horde’s grip. The Alliance set to rebuilding then, calling on whoever could spare artisans. Now it is one of the few remaining great human cities. It boasts a powerful City Guard and a strong army, and it is a base of magical or divine study, and contemplation, in Azeroth.LoC 54With the fall of the northern kingdoms, Stormwind is by far the most populated city in the world. Boasting a population of two-hundred thousand people (predominantly human), it serves in many ways as the cultural and trade center of the Alliance, even with remote access to the sea. The humans living in the city are generally carefree and artistic, favoring light and colorful clothes, cuisine and art.However, the people of Stormwind find it difficult to accept Theramore's role as the home of the new Alliance, convinced not only that Stormwind should be the legitimate heir of Lordaeron's role in the past, but also that Theramore is doing little against the worsening situation within the Eastern Kingdoms.

The statement above was taken out of the book Land of Conflict, a World of Warcraft RPG lore book. It tells the tale of Stormwind, a city-state, and the center of the human race in Azeroth.

The state has 200,000 inhabitants : 140,000 humans, 28,000 dwarfs, 20,000 high elves, 8,000 half elves, 4,000 night elves,and some half-orcs and gnomes.


Valley of Heroes

Just beyond the Gates of Stormwind, Stormwind's pride and glory, devoted to the Heroes of The Alliance.Human, dwarven and elf heroes are honored by statues here. Notable heroes who are honored include: Ranger Captain Alleria Windrunner, Archmage Khadgar of the Kirin Tor, Kurdran Wildhammer, Danath Trollbane and General Turalyon.

Trade District

The central district,and the main route for traders of The Alliance.The Guild Master is located here,as well as The Gryphon Master.The Stormwind Bank is also a place of interest.

Map of Stormwind as of WOTLK

Old Town

The oldest part of the city, still in reconstruction after the orcs ravaged it during The First War. Located next to the Trade District and across from the Dwarven District. This part includes the city's most renowned taverns, such as the Pig and Whistle Tavern, the Barracks are here, as well as the SI:7 headquarters.

Mage Quarter

Lies in the southern corner of Stormwind. The infamous Slaughtered Lamb tavern is located there, as well as the Wizard's Sanctum. Within the Sanctum, mages train to increase their powers, and there are also several portals in the tower. In the Slaughtered Lamb, shady warlocks are often drawn to the dark cellars. Throughout the rest of the quarter, you can find herbalism, alchemy, and tailoring related stores and NPCs.


Located in the western corner of Stormwind City. It was once a district devoted to leisure activities for Stormwind's populace. It has recently been donated as a refuge for visiting night elves, who find the comforting presence of nature a welcome respite from the vast stone thoroughfares of Stormwind proper. It is currently the only place in the Kingdom of Stormwind where druid trainers reside. The night elves are also working to create a Moonwell in the center of the park square.To get to the Park, you can head southwest from Cathedral Square or northwest from the Mage Quarter.

The Cathedral Square

Named for the mighty Cathedral of Light, which stands as the greatest monument to the Holy Light in Azeroth and dominates this district. The cathedral, headed by Archbishop Benedictus, is the center of the religion of Light and is thus home to paladin and priest trainers, as well as a first aid trainer.It is without doubt one of the most upclass sections of the city, and include the residence of most of the city's finest merchants and nobility. It includes selected shops as well as the headquarters to powerful organizations such as the Argent Dawn. It is also an important civic center, housing City Hall and the orphanage.To get to Cathedral Square, you can head northeast from the Park, northwest from the Trade District, or southeast from the Dwarven District.

The Dwarven District

Lies in the northern corner Stormwind. Here, the dwarves of Ironforge have established an enclave. The forges in the district produce a constant haze, supplemented by the constant strokes of smiths' hammers. Hunters will find a place to stay within the Hunter's Guild located in this area. Profession trainers for mining, blacksmithing, and engineering and corresponding forges and anvils can also be found here. The Stormwind end of the Deeprun Tram line is accessible through a tunnel on the east side of the district.

Stormwind Stockade

A heavily guarded prison in the middle of Stormwind City. A large number of dangerous criminals, including some criminal masterminds and Defias mercenaries, are currently being held in the stockade. However, not so long ago, there was a revolt inside the dungeon, and the prisoners now keep the Stockade under their control.Recommended group composition is a competent and reasonably balanced group of players around level 27, with a decent level 27, at least, tank or very competent players for the final mini-boss

Stormwind Keep

The seat of power in human lands. It is here that the king Varian Wrynn resides along with his son Anduin Wrynn and his mentors. The keep is also the location of an extensive Royal Library where nobles and scholars from across the known world research various topics. Whispers of corruption and infiltration among the higher echelons of Stormwind power have recently arisen, although none dare speak too loudly of these accusations for fear of imprisonment.

Stormwind Harbor

Located in the northwestern area of Stormwind City, with the access point set between the Park and Cathedral Square. Players will be able to set sail to Northrend from there in Wrath of the Lich King.The harbor gatehouse granting access to Stormwind Harbor has been built by human, dwarven, and gnomish construction workers all under the supervision of Foreman Wick.

The Canals

A series of waterways that wind their way through the city, separating each of its various districts. While the Canals is mostly used for thoroughfare, it does house a few shops overlooking the marble pathways and docks, and it is a popular area for fishermen to spend time hauling small catches. The Canals also house the infamous Stockade.

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