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Strago Magus in Final Fantasy VI Advance

Strago Magus is a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He is the grandfather of Relm Arrowny (possibly adoptive grandfather), and he lives in the town of Thamasa. His class is Blue Mage; he is a descendant of the magic users who fought in the War of the Magi. His special ability is called Lore, which can be used by watching enemies perform certain attacks. Then Strago can learn that spell and use it.


Strago was born and raised in the remote town of Thamasa. He had a friend named Gungho, and the two would try to search for a legendary monster named Hidon (which would "hide" from its opponents). However, he always failed. Relm Arrowny is his granddaughter, whom he was very overprotective of.


Strago first meets the rest of the party when Terra Branford, Locke Cole, and Shadow came to Thamasa to inquire about Espers and their location. Strago took a liking to the party, but denied the existence of Espers. He offered to let them stay at the inn for the incredibly low price of 1 GP. In the middle of the night, however, Relm is trapped in a burning building. Strago uselessly began casting Ice spells (at this point it is revealed that all of Thamasa has knowledge of magic, but it is forbidden). He eventually begs the Terra and Locke to help save Relm.


The three entered the building and managed to save Relm, but were cornered by flames. At this point, Shadow and his dog Interceptor jump in just in time to save them. After they all escape, Strago explains that he is a descendant of the magic users in the War of the Magi, and in return for their work agrees to help find the Espers. Relm wanted to help, but Strago denied her permission. She followed the party anyway, and even assisted during their battle with Ultros. After finding the Espers, they return to Thamasa, where they are captured by the Gestahlian Empire.

In the World of Ruin, Strago has joined the Cult of Kefka. If Relm is in the party, she manages to snap Strago out of his trance and bring him back to reality. In a side-quest, Strago can return to Thamasa and fight Hidon, finally defeating him.

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