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Street Fighter II: Champion Edition is the follow up to Street Fighter II. The difference is Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and M. Bison are now playable! I remember the Street Fighter II games so much for their colorful characters and great art style. I don't think it has been matched in any other fighting franchise. In the arcade version of this game you pick one of the 12 characters and go up against all the characters in random order, except M. Bison is always last. Practicing will help you learn each characters special moves (or you can now easily go online and find out how). There are a few breaks in the action in which you battle against time to destroy a car, destroy some bricks, and destroy rolling barrels. I am not a fighting game expert, but I love playing them, and in the Street Fighter universe I know certain characters special moves. I would say the arcade is hard to beat on one play, but when I play a Street Fighter II game on consoles, with continues I can finish. If you want to find the very best Street Fighter II game released, I would say go to one of the Super Street Fighter II games. But this game for its time and its predecessor brought fighting games to the forefront in a big way. The one drawback you could say is that it's exactly the same as Street Fighter II, except four new playable characters.

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