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Street Fighter II': Hyper Fighting
(Street Fighter II Dash Turbo in Japan) is the third version of Street Fighter II, developed by Capcom. This version most notably increased the speed of the game, further balanced it and added new special attacks. The characters also received new color schemes while the old ones served as alternate sets.

Hyper Fighting was considered the definitive version of Street Fighter II (along with Super Turbo), being the most balanced upgrade of the game and addressing complaints of the bug heavy, bootleg Rainbow Edition. All 12 characters received new colors, the speed was cranked up, and the single player game got even harder. Major tweaks were done to some of the characters like Ryu and Ken being allowed to do Hurricane Kicks in mid-air, Chun-Li got a fireball and a mid-air Spinning Bird Kick, Guile's Roundhouse Flash Kick is two hits, and more.

Hyper Fighting came out on the Super Nintendo together with Champion Edition as Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting and on the Sega Genesis, also together with Champion Edition, as Special Champion Edition in the early 90s. The arcade version made an appearance on the Xbox 360's Live Arcade on August 2006 after being announced earlier that year at the Consumer Electronics Show. It was a highly anticipated XBLA title because of the inclusion of online play. When the game launched, the lag was too much for fans to handle and came away disappointed (even the hit sounds were inaccurate). It was later patched for a slightly better online performance.

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