sepultallica86's Street Fighter II (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) review

Street Fighter is the best at what it does

Street Fighter is your basic fighting game, but its the game that pretty much created and set the standard for all fighting games to com. The graphics and look for this game were out right gorgeous. The control has never been more tight in any other game than SF II. The arcade mode is where you pick 1 of 12 characters and battle through all characters, then vs 2 bosses. Secondly, the soundtrack for this game is so good, I had to download it, and I can't get the awesome music out of my head. 
If you are going to play any fighting game, I would suggest this or Mortal Kombat, which are the best fighting games this world has to offer. The learning curve isn't very hard, some of the characters moves can be tricky get nail. As well, it may seem like an easy game to play, this game can be very hard, as special moves and kicks and punches can be executed better from practice to make the AI substantially harder. The only bad thing I would have to say about the game is the occasional frame rate drop while in a match, but besides that, that game is pretty much perfect, and very fun just to sit down and play match after match on versus with a friend.

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