grossblood's Street Fighter II (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) review

The game all the "cool kids" played

When I think about street fighter 2, what comes to mind isn't the crazy colors, awesome sound effects, outlandish characters, rude animations, obliterating car smashing bonus games and super-human abilities; it isn't blanka bazooka jumping at chun-li after already devastating ryu on the cover; and it also does not provide a good reason to why I still see sagat standing over my frail corpse when I lapse into sleep paralysis on a daily basis......No no no, when I think of SF2, all that comes to mind is the pure stealth that went into sneaking into my older brother's basement on a Saturday night and hopefully being witness to a couple battles between champions....Watching closely as the 20-some-odd people packed down there would scream, laugh and hit each each other in what was then a weekly all night tournament. Even today it always surprised me just how coordinated they all were, because even at that age I could tell they were all extremely high.....

It was never about bison, it was never about how I won that sf2 tourney without clothes on (for concentration).. it was about the life of those junkies...the real fight of the streets.....

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Posted by Kill

I remember playing SFII for the first time at a really young age, just hitting the buttons at random and marvelling at accidental combos. It feels good to somewhat understand it now. 

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