Street fighter 2 turbo arcade cabinet, does it exist?

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Does a dedicated cabinet for street fighter 2 turbo exist, or was it only released as a conversion kit for WW and CE machines. I only ask because I haven't been able to track down a machine or find the original side for a SFT cabinet, thanks for any replies. 

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1 year and 1 month... I take back my thank you for any replies.

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Try asking Jeff on formspring, he knows quite a few dudes in the cabinet scene.

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Seems this one was a dedicated cabinet released to Japanese and American arcades.

The main reason why it's hard to find a dedicated cabinet is because it seems that there are only 3 members of VAPS who actually own a dedicated machine and it is considered scarce on their rarity rankings. So finding one is considered very difficult and is probably not traded or sold very often (if at all) within the arcade collecting community.

Made from converting Street Fighter II Dash cabinets in house, much like how they converted extra Mortal Kombat cabinet shells at the Midway facility into released dedicated NBA Jam cabinets. This version was shipped to operators as is and only used extra cabinet shells they had at their production facilities. (These cabinets were all converted in house, not released to be converted through a kit and were purchased as dedicated Turbo cabinets through distributors)

The non-dedicated conversion kit for arcade operators for existing Street Fighter 2 cabinets were (Conversion Class: Capcom CPS Jamma)

This kit included the CPS boards, a kick harness, operator's manual, a promotional poster, and a marquee.

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@KingPossum: Thank you, that is exactly the information I was looking for! Shame that it seems I will not be able to get my hands on an original machine, but what can you do.

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