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Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact is an update of Street Fighter III: New Generation - it was released September 30, 1997.  The game adds new a gameplay feature known as "EX Specials." Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact also adds three more characters - one of them returning from the Street Fighter II series. A brand new remix soundtrack and three more stages was also added to the game.

Character Roster

  • Alex - An American fighter who fights with close-range wrestling and rush attacks. He enters the tournament to avenge his friend Tom, who was defeated by Gill.
  • Dudley - A British boxer who enters to retrieve an antique car which was stolen by Gill.
  • Elena- An African capoeira fighter who seeks new friends.
  • Ibuki - A Japanese ninja-in-training who enters the tournament as an exam.
  • Ken - An American fighter, Ken enters the tournament knowing his old friend and rival Ryu is entering, hoping to battle him once again.
  • Necro - A Russian man who was kidnapped and experimented on.
  • Oro - An immortal searching for someone worthy of inheriting his fighting style
  • Ryu - A Japanese fighter who enters seeking to fight powerful enemies to better his skills.
  • Sean - A Brazilian fighter being trained by Ken.
  • Yang - A Kung Fu expert from Hong Kong.
  • Yun - Another Kung Fu expert from Hong Kong.
  • Gill - The final boss, he is the leader of the Illuminati and wants to restore balance to the world.

2nd Impact Characters

  • Akuma - A Japanese fighter who killed his brother and teacher.
  • Hugo - A German wrestler influenced by Andre the Giant.
  • Urien - Gill's bitter young brother who wants to assume control of the Illuminati.

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