Favorite 3rd Strike Stage Music

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Put in at least six hours into 3rd Strike today and noticed how good the music is for it. Sorry there are so many poll options, but there's a lot of great themes! I'm excited to see which ones people enjoyed the most.

I've been jamming out to Dudley's theme for a half-hour now, it's so fresh.

EDIT: Is it kosher to provide links to the songs in a situation like this? Not sure. I think I'll do it, anyways. Hope it's not a problem, long post coming through.

Chun-Li - China Vox

Alex & Ken - Jazzy NYC '99

Remy - The Beep

Makoto - Spunky

Ryu - Kobu (Inspiration)

Necro & Twelve - Snowland

Sean & Oro - The Longshoreman

Elena - Beats in My Head

Ibuki - Twilight

Akuma - Killing Moon

Hugo - The Circuit

Yun & Yang - Crowded Street (Third Edit)

Dudley - You Blow My Mind

The Theme of Q

Urein - Crazy Chili Dog

Gill - Psych Out

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Akuma's, and then Chun-Li's.

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Jazzy NYC '99. The arcade version.

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Dudley's. NO CONTEST

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Lol, I love the beats in my head. So repetitive, but something about it makes me happy.   

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Gouki's Killing Moon without a doubt in my mind. I would go far as to say it's the best score in the entire series to date.

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Beats in My head man there are Beats in my head

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I like the character select music.......

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looking at this list I'm surprised how meany good tracks there are. Much better than I remembered. 

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The menu music.

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Jazzy NYC. Honourable mentions to Killing Moon, Psyche Out and The Circuit.

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Makoto's stage theme. Dudley a close second.

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@Gramiero: I agree with you. Dudley's theme is a beastly tune, I love it!
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Q for me. I really can't stand the midi-saxs.  
Dudley's, Akuma's, and Ibuki's are also pretty great. 

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I can't stop listening to Dudley's theme.

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