Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition Announced

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#51 Posted by nail1080 (2030 posts) -
@Dan_CiTi said:
" @nail1080 said:
" @JJOR64 said:
" @cide said:
" I hope they can find a way to keep people playing online 3 months after release. "
There will be a group of people who will play this game non-stop. "
I think MvC2 begs to differ "
Because when it first came out MvC2 had some major bugs...also unless you are playing MvC2 at a high level it's actually pretty boring.  "
Unless you play it at a high level it's boring? No it isn't, what's great about that game is that it's fun for noobs and obviously high level players like playing it otherwise they wouldn't be a high level player in the first place!
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I've been looking forward to a decent port of this for a while now. I'm really happy they're doing this :)

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