$19.99 New and $34.99 Used. Lolwut?

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New 360 version at Best Buy.
Used $360 version at Gamestop.
Why do people still shop at EB/Gamestop?!
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Because there's still the illusion that used games are cheaper.  Also, people throwing their in-store credit onto their Edge cards are slaves to buying their games at these stores.  It's where their money is.

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Canada. Figures! 
(not dissing Canadians)
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this just reminded me that SSFIV was 40$ o-o  

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Why do people shop at Gamestop because I just purchased new copies of Persona 4 and Call of Duty WAW for a total of $40 which is how much 1 of those games cost at Amazon or Best Buy.  Plus when I bought it the guy at the counter was actually able to compare the pros and cons of Persona 3 and Persona 4.

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Right now a lot of new games are cheaper than pre-owned games because gamestop is apparently having some huge sale. 

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The second-hand games market is a total travesty at the moment. You receive pittance for a game maybe a month old, which they then sell on for a massive profit. Copies of new games which are pre-owned are sold for a couple of quid less than retail, which many people would pick over the slightly more expensive new copy so that they earn more or less double for a single game. This means less stock of new games and a huge pre-owned section. Along with piracy its a pretty major problem.
Edit: I haven't proof read this and I'm tired.

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I paid $50 for John Voight's copy

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I get all of my games from Amazon and Goozex. I've probably spent a grand total of $50 in the last 6 months, while I've purchased dozens of new games.

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@PosichronicNet said:
" I paid $50 for John Voight's copy "
Epic Win on the seinfeld quote.....your offically my favorite user on the board
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You know what's really funny? Rock Revolution software + drumset is $10 brand new.

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@JJWeatherman: What?

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