Arcade Stick questions for the PC. Installing now.

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So I'm not really happy with the Fightpad I'm using now, so I'm thinking about getting an arcade stick. 
Question is, I don't know of any arcade sticks that work on PC. 
Will a regular old 360 stick work for the PC automatically? Do I have to buy a PC specific one? And any recommendations for a fairly cheap one that is still useable? 
Thanks guys.
#2 Posted by jaycee13 (528 posts) -
@misterpope: the madcatz xbox 360 ones will work on pc.
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Most sticks are cross compatible with PC, though there the odd ones that aren't and other are with an asterisk (like the 360 TE sticks). 
Best thing to do is look up a stick in the price range you want, and google around. You'll find out if that stick has any specific quirks with working on the PC or not. I did it that way to get my hands on my Hori Fight Stick 3 which was right in the sweet spot in price and performance I wanted out of it.

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Fightstick SE, TE, Hori EX -- all those work for PC. They're not branded PC because it goes without saying, USB connection.

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