Beware the awesomness in this tread my be to much to handle

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I see that I fucked up the title of the tread no need to point it out save your time.

#3 Posted by SpecialBuddy (1181 posts) -

Why does Ryu sound like a complete fucking homo in this?
#4 Posted by SSbabel (1216 posts) -

He aint that great.

#5 Posted by Scooper (7920 posts) -

Almost as good as the Super Mario cartoon.

#6 Posted by GunstarRed (5882 posts) -

totally hate Ken even more than i did now...I hate it when a tard hadokens me in the arm. 
and why does akuma stand about chatting so much....getting all pumped full of chi by ken.
#7 Posted by BoomShanka (46 posts) -

to qoute calculon "that was so bad it gave me cancer"
#8 Posted by mubress (1581 posts) -

Ken's Hurricane Kicks look ridiculous. I could do better and I can't draw or animate at all.
.........Pretty awesome though :)

#9 Posted by PureRok (4268 posts) -

So certain...

#10 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12885 posts) -

It's Cringe-tastic! Everyone loves it when Americans bastardize Japanese properties and vice versa!

#11 Posted by Gambit (783 posts) -

akuma should have that bubble gum move he used on ken

#12 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

I remember this from looong ago. I love Guile's spam-happy Sonic Booms, and his projectile Somersault Kick.

#13 Posted by CL60 (17120 posts) -

What the hell.

#14 Posted by Diagonol (62 posts) -

SO good hahahahahahahahaha
When he threw mud in Akuma's face I just... I knew this video was my destiny.

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