Custom stick art - Lami-Label or Plexiglass?

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So, I've been thinking about customizing my TE stick and I have a question about the best way to replace the art.
Would I be better off going to Kinkos (or Staples here in Canada) and getting the art printed and laminated and then use 3M adhesive spray to adhere it to the stick, or going through Art's Hobbies to get a plexiglass cover as well as the art?
I'm sure it'll be cheaper to get the art printed from somewhere local, but how is the quality? How easy is it to get them to print what you want to the correct size?Is it worth the trouble?
How does the plexiglass effect the snap-in Sanwa buttons? I know you need to file down some tabs on the sides of the buttons to prevent cracking of the plexi, but how does this effect the hold of the buttons? How far does it sit above the bezel? Does it get annoying that it's not flush?
Anyone with any experience with either options would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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plexiglass is really the only option for TE custom art in my opinion. lamilabel just doesn't look good.

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Plexiglass all the way.

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I don't' have a TE, but used a lamilabel in my custom stick and it looks like shit.  Get it printed on nice photopaper if you can and buy the plexi.
I believe there are a bunch of TE templates out there that you can get your art on to with a little help from photoshop.   If you have no access to any type of photo/picture editing software, theres a million people on the SRK forums that will probably do it for free.  Just gotta ask.

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for my custom stick, i printed my graphic on high quality paper at kinko's and sandwiching it between the panel and lexan, way easier to work with imo

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I contacted the folks at Gelaskins to ask if they had any plans on including TE or SE Mad Catz sticks (or other fight sticks) in their product lines, and this is the response I got:
"Thank you for your email! This is indeed something that we are considering, Unfortunately, I do not have a solid "yes we will" or "no we won't". Stay tuned!"
Since it'll be a while before I can justify this, maybe they'll have these available by the time I do it.

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does the default art that comes with the TE stick just  slide out?

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@V said:
" does the default art that comes with the TE stick just  slide out? "

It's a thick plastic sticker kind of thing. Check out @lordofultima:'s video of his TE stick mod.
#10 Posted by V (352 posts) -
@JokerSmilez: hahaha, literally RIGHT after i posted it, I found his videos. They also covered everything that i was going to do. 

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