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@Stang:  Hehe... it's settled then. We shall have a match whenever you like. Throw me around the place! ^_^
I pretty much suck anyways, so if you ever feel like beating the crap out of someone for practice, send me a game invite.
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Blocking is cheap.

#103 Posted by Stang (4755 posts) -
@CornontheCobbe: I don't care about skill level, I will play anybody. As long as the person I play does not abuse lag it is all good. I think you are on my friends list, I will toss you an invite the next time we are both on.
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doing anything more than once per 5 seconds

#105 Posted by lordofultima (6561 posts) -

In the case of throwing fireballs, there's a good chance it's not spam. The ones you claim are spam should be the ones you can get around easily. If you're getting out-zoned, and you're baited to make un-safe jumping attacks, that's not spam. He's out playing you. A lot of times good zoning from Sagat or Ryu can be a barrage of fireballs, especially at that perfect spacing. You're forced into an uncomfortable position with little room to work. That's sort of the idea though. 
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