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#51 Posted by lordofultima (6560 posts) -
@Sleepy_Insomniac said:
" @lordofultima said:
" @Linkyshinks:PREASE MOVE TO JAPAN "
Dear God, I hope that was sarcastic/ironic or a typo. "
Which would you prefer? Sarcastic, ironic, or a typo? Doesn't that pretty much cover everything?
#52 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1984 posts) -
@lordofultima: I'd prefer if it if you made the tone a bit clearer. In the context of your post, it sounds like you're stereotyping the Japanese and Asians with that "L=R" accent; not only that, but in an arrogant, "Please leave our damn country" sense. Linkyshinks may not have found it offensive given his following posts, but as an Asian I do.
#53 Posted by Cube (4382 posts) -

Ryu looks like a monkey, n ty.

#54 Posted by Shadow (5110 posts) -

The version they put in the game looks far better.

#55 Posted by myketuna (1784 posts) -

I think its bullshit the answer Capcom gave. The style made sense with the models and all that. The style is independent of whether its 2.5 or 3D or 2D, it's a style. Whether it'll age well or not is also bullshit. Who cares. People play SF for SF in the end right? People still play SF II and that hasn't aged well once you take the nostalgia out of it. And with that said, Capcom went with the style they went with and that's that. We're still playing the game, so it doesn't matter. It's too late now. I personally wish it was something different, but in the end, I gots to get my shoryuken on, son.

#56 Posted by Plasma (968 posts) -

I personally wish they'd make them look the same sort of style for SUPER, just more realistic proportions. Also maybe be more explicit with the 'ink' style, maybe even some *gasp* battle damage! Nah forget battle damage, but having the ink linger around, or distort the image or just be part of more than a select few special attacks would be cool. Look more like the trailers.

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