Fighting for the uninitiated - NOOB FIGHT CLUB

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I have not played fighting games since probably about Tekken. I sucked then! and il no doubt suck now! BUT IM GONNA JUMP IN THE DEEP END AND PURCHASE! young jefferson has convinced me its worth a shot.

There seems to be discussion going down in this forum that SF4 is not for the weak of heart and practice is where the success is hidden.

So if any punching bags would like to form a noob fight club that we can get some low level practice with then add me. just mention SF4 in the xbox live friend request.

GamerTag is Delta Kil0    (its a zero at the end)

With practice us noobs will grow from the shadows and strike with furious anger upon the "hardcore" (after 15 to 25 years of training)

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Hey, I'm going to buy it once in about a week or so, and I am in the same situation as you.
So yeah you can add me on XBL if you want. It's CulticCardinal

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Jecrell on ye old PS3
I have no USB headset though.

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