GB PSN Tournament: Rage Quit Demon 2!!!

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 VicRattlehead 3 - goldencat 1
VicRattlehead 3 - Geteveryone 0
VicRattlehead 3 - J_Las_Vegas 0
VicRattlehead 2 - mubress2 3
VicRattlehead 3 - Marukon 0
VicRattlehead 3 - Omegapirate 0

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I have 4 matchups left which are Omegapirate, Waille, J_Las_Vegas and Satune aka trufflehouse.
I just played against VicRattlehead (good games dude) and will be on for another 1/2 hour, then back on an hour after that 4 a while.

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i should be on in an hour or 2, still at work atm.

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@waille: yeah no worries, just letting people know in case they'd forgot etc :)
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@mubress: yeh gg's dude your abel blew me mind lol
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Golden cat 3 - OmegaPirate 0 
Waille - 3 - OmegaPirate - 0  
Keeng - 3 - OmegaPirate 0
J_vegas - 3  OmegaPirate -  1
Vic rattlehead - 3   OmegaPirate -  0
Not the greatest tourney for me so far i must admit, but due to this being my first time playing in about 6/7 months i reckon i did alright, won a few rounds here or there and had a few close ones, but man - playing a skilled bison scares the shit outta me!   

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My results so far:
vicrattlehead 3
J_Las_Vegas      0 

goldencat 3
 J_Las_Vegas     1

Omegapirate 1
 J_Las_Vegas   3

StaticFalcolnar  3
 J_Las_Vegas    2

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@Keeng: I know we weren't scheduled to, but I'm 4 players short, so want to do a set? No idea if Static will count it.
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Ok, so tourney update for day 2: (Also posted in 1st post as well)

PSNGB Name  ScoreWinsLostWin%W/L (sets)
1mubress mubress250155
5 and 0
5 and 1
5 and 1
4 and 2
4  Keeng  Keeng30103
3 and 1
5thegoldencatthegoldencat7  301314
3 and 4
2 and 2
8Dryph   baelrrogg2097
2 and 2
1 and 1
10waille waille 10412
1 and 4
1 and 3
0 and 5
0 and 1
0 and 5

16FallingAwake   MrMiyagi000

17Ravioli_SumoWes899  000

18WeUnsweatThem  DanielJW000



 So far it seems there is a tie for 1st place at 50 points each. If mubress can get a set off and win by the end of tonight (from my time perspective), then he wins the tourney. 
If that doesn't happen, then it is a tiebreaker time.
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I have a match left with mubress and J_Las_Vegas, but I'm not able to sign into PSN for whatever reason so I'll do those matches tomorrow.
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One more result:
mubress    1
J_Las_Vegas   3

#162 Posted by GetEveryone (4532 posts) -
@J_Las_Vegas: I bet this one upset the bookies.
#163 Posted by mubress (1581 posts) -
@J_Las_Vegas: I just watched our match back and I think what threw me off was the fact that you just stood there a lot. I'm used to people jumping all over me :) Well played anyway.
I will endeavour to upload the matches as soon as possible. A lot of them are plagued by lag of varying sorts, but there still watchable.
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@mubress: I usually get torn to shreads when I jump in.  Was hoping to catch Abel with a cr mk and fireball combo after his roll.  I was too woried at getting caught in that focus attack to ultra you were trying.  Great match though.

@Geteveryone:  I was as surprised as anyone.
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Final Score


PSNGB Name  ScoreWinsLostWin%W/L (sets)
1mubress mubress250168665 and 1
2StaticFalconarStaticFalconar50177705 and 1
3VicRattleheadVicRattlehead50174805 and 1
4GetEveryoneGetEveryone401310564 and 2
5  Keeng  Keeng30103763 and 1
6thegoldencatthegoldencat7  301314483 and 4
7Marukonnewmarcom2067462 and 2
8Dryph   baelrrogg2097562 and 2
9J_Las_VegasJ_Las_Vegas20911452 and 3
10ninjalawNinjalaw1035371 and 1
11waille waille 10412251 and 4
12DriadonDriadon0415210 and 5
13TruffleHouseSatune00300 and 1
14OmegaPirateOmegaPirate011560 and 5

16FallingAwake   MrMiyagi000

17Ravioli_SumoWes899  000

18WeUnsweatThem  DanielJW000




Tiebreaker tournament


WinsLoseW/L (sets)
Mubress832 and 2
Staticfalconar641 and 1
Vic Rattlhead  180 and 2

Staic Falconar[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[W (4-0)L (2-4)
Vic RattleheadL (0-4)[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[L (1-4)
MubressW (4-2)W (4-1)[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

Hype Got?

 If you have more matches or whatever, it honestly doesn't matter. Go play them for funsies and for pride if you want, but I wasn't about to hold up the tournament for your unlikely big win streaks to be contention for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Overall, we had 5 no shows, but luckily as you can see from the overall league results, those that did show up to play had quickly seperated themselves out from the rest of the pack and it was so close, we just had to have had a tie breaker mini tournament to sort things out. 
The next time I will do another tournament or bombing run will be after Super comes out. So many hype matches and all the chat room could do is just wait for one of the competitors to report out the results. All I gotta say is, expect spectator mode and team battles to play an integral role  in my next tournament. 21-Nil baby, get hype.
EDIT: as always any criticisms of how the tournament went or other people (if you want to start some rivalries), is always welcomed. I know this tournament wasn't exactly run smooth, and there were some problems; however things like people showing up is of course dependent on participation from everybody to take it seriously enough to at least be there.
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congrats to the tie break players and overall victors, had a blast playing and wouldve got my last 2 games in if this ps3 death bug had not occured, definately need to get another one of these going :D 

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yeh i had fun playing in it.... just a pitty i didnt put up more of a fight in the end but you know beaten by the better dudes and all....
definitely more fun than playing champ mode all the time thanks for puting it together @StaticFalconar

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I couldn't sign onto PSN all weekend for some reason. Sorry about the people who missed out on matches.

#169 Posted by YetiAntics (1520 posts) -

Luckily you guys got this done before the "BREAKING NEWS: Big PS3 Crash 2010"
#170 Posted by newmarcom (317 posts) -

Congrats to the winners. Guess I'll retire from SF4 and continue my TvC training. At least until SSF4 is released. I'll still welcome challengers to all fighting games if you see me online.

#171 Posted by Keeng (1017 posts) -

As usual, this was another awesome tournament. I'm always glad to play with you guys. Big ups to StaticFalconar for bringin it together again. I'm down for anything SF4 and SSF4 in the future.  
Also, I thought it was hilariously ironic that this major PSN shutdown happened during what was essentially a 48-hour tournament. It's official: Rage Quit Demon 2 brought down the PlayStation Network! You heard it here first.

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Congrats to the winners, looking forward to the next tourney.
@Keeng:  I think we did kill the PSN GET HYPE!!! lol.

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Congrats Mubress.  
Yeah me and Falcs were going off our heads, it was a good moment. 
Well I'm quite happy with 6th. My losses were all to the top 4 and I can take some solace in knowing I beat 2 of the people above me in practice.  Plus my aim beforehand was to avoid the wooden spoon. 
Kinda missed the end, cos' of the PSN blackout but never mind. 
Great fun playing you all, see you at the next one.

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I really enjoyed how it all played out. If more people had showed up, it would have been easier finding any of the players online at a given moment, but bar that it was good. Wish I'd not just gone jump and SRK crazy so much, but that's pressure for you. Always next time.
Props to mubress; you are pretty awesome dude.

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Congrats on a successful tourny.

#176 Posted by baelrrogg (132 posts) -

Sorry for missing all of day 2 guys but some unexpected trashing on saturday rendered me useless yesterday.

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Looks like I missed out on the PSN happenings, I can sign in fine now. EDIT; oh it was just older PS3 models. EDIT2: scratch that, I can't sign in either.


As others have said cheers for organising this, few people didn't show but not much you can do about that. Shame about the tie-break game we had; when you can't punish Bison's TP then it turns into a whole different game.
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OMG, yes. It was such a great call on my p art to just say fuck it. this tournament will end as scheduled instead of extending it.  It was also pretty lucky overall that the three people tied for first signed on pretty simultaneously and just agreed to the tiebreaker. Mubress and Vic could have just said no and opted to try to get thier last matches out of the way (so there would be no need for a tiebreaker) which of course wouldn't have happened when y2k10 happened shortly after. 
 No worries, you did win it fair and square. I was totally mindfucked when i realised all my command throws were mistimed and I can't punish your teleport that I just totally resorted to stupid noob shit instead of keeping my cool. If you recorded our matches you will see me playing more stupid as our matches went on.  Hell, I should have stalled or something in letting the timer go down before picking my character so I can recollect myself instead of feeling angry, frustrated and letting those emotions dictate me.  Congrates again, you do deserve it. 
@VicRattlehead: Even though I did beat you 4 zip, the 1st three were really close, but I was just able to consistently clutch it out, by reading you when you trying to rush me down. My first main was rog, so I'm sure I was much more comfortable than you were in that match. If you were aiming to counter pick for the last match, the safe bet is always sagat. Although I did beat two (could be more/less) sagats and ryus in the regular league portion of the tournament.  
#179 Posted by GetEveryone (4532 posts) -
@StaticFalconar: I still don't feel, although we've had two or more tournaments, that we've played a decent set. Meet you some other time, I guess.
#180 Posted by YetiAntics (1520 posts) -

Hey, GetEveryone. Now im waiting on you to make a tourney now!
#181 Posted by GetEveryone (4532 posts) -
@PantyshotMQN: ;) My coursework is due on the 15th of March, then I'll either wait until Super or whip out one final bracketed tournament before its release. 
#182 Posted by StaticFalconar (4919 posts) -
@GetEveryone said:
" @StaticFalconar: I still don't feel, although we've had two or more tournaments, that we've played a decent set. Meet you some other time, I guess. "
Well if you could have gotten a set of Vic, you would have knocked him down and taken his place for the tiebreaker; but in the tiebreaker match, I took vic down 4, nil, so by transitive property I win. lols. I'm not that super hardcore of a player and Rage quit demon 2 filled my SF4 hunger for a little while. Games like GoW3 and FF13 is coming up as well as the last stretch to finals for school. If you really want to face me and I take the match seriously, just pair us up for the 1st round in your next tournament (or wait til i do one for super, if you ain't throwing another tournament) but all i gotta say is please no slideshow lag. 
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@StaticFalconar: We could just have a set sometime? I don't think we've had any casuals bar those the other day (which were awul lag-wise). Whenever my internet behaves and you're online I'll send an invite.
#184 Posted by StaticFalconar (4919 posts) -
@GetEveryone: Alright, sometime later in the week then. Kinda burnt out on SF4 at the moment (taste of defeat is just so salty) and heavy rain is just so interesting. If we are going to have a set where both of us take it seriously Lets do first to ten or something in that range. If all you want is casuals, then whatever and whenever then. 
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Another tournament would be cool, give sfiv a good send-off, t'would be like a testimonial or summat. In the meantime; essays! Yay.

#186 Posted by Driadon (3088 posts) -

That, indeed was a good time. Thanks for organizing Static, and congrats Mubress. I've since sent my copy back to the rental service, so I'll see all of you back in my electrical-green-man suite when Super comes out

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Just posted games against GetEveryone, Baelrrogg and thegoldencat over on the match videos thread. Others will be uploaded sometime soon.

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@StaticFalconar:  Thanks for setting up the tournament, I had a blast.

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