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#51 Posted by NukeGoBoom (492 posts) -
zitosilva said:
I was wondering, does anyone have any tips about Sakura to give to me? I main her, but I still ... [more]
You can fallow up almost anything she has after Hurricane Kick EX.Ultra,Super EX Dragon punch whatever is a good tip.Charging the fireball is usefull when stunning the enemy or as a counter to a SUPER/ULTRA (Great example is Kens ULTRA if you block it he goes into the air which leaves you time to charge it and combo something into it).Thats all i know.
#52 Posted by Scieran (215 posts) -

Honestly, all I can say is: HADOOOKEN. Game over.

#53 Posted by Treppass (123 posts) -

hi, i added a little extra info on throwing plus some techniques iv found useful. hope it helps.

#54 Edited by fRAWRst (240 posts) -

Added some stuff for Akumas moves, and gonna add a Bison section since hes my main =]
EDIT: added my bison write up. Note that im not a tournament player, but i like to think my strategies work well.

#55 Posted by Legend (2665 posts) -

@ fRAWRst
I see you've figured out how to add the M. Bison section. Thanks for all the useful info you added.

#56 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -

Seeing as the almighty Ken Masters has been neglected, I'd be happy to add some info in the coming days.

#57 Posted by Flushes (330 posts) -

I just added an Abel section, along with a whole grip of text. I'll probably add a little more at some point in the future.

#58 Posted by fRAWRst (240 posts) -

added a balrog section

#59 Posted by Legend (2665 posts) -
@fRAWRst said:

" added a balrog section "

Thanks fRAWRst. You've contributed with many great additions to the guide. 
@Stang said:
" Seeing as the almighty Ken Masters has been neglected, I'd be happy to add some info in the coming days. "
Awesome! Looking forward to seeing your addition.
#60 Posted by PC_4_Life (13 posts) -

Last fighting game i  ever played was mortal combat 3 on my snes so i dont think i will be needing this lol. Just wanted to say great work.

#61 Posted by Lilja (128 posts) -

Added a section for Rose. Will add more info when I get home.

#62 Posted by fRAWRst (240 posts) -

ill see if i can do a writeup for a e honda section, been messing around a bunch with him and his awesome ochio throw

#63 Posted by Capt_Ventris (597 posts) -

Thanks for the guide. I picked up SFIV and a Tournament edn stick and I have to admit ive not been to good at the game. This guide has really helped me understnad the basics and I'm finally starting to win matches. Cheers again.

#64 Posted by Flushes (330 posts) -

Added more detail to Abel's normal move section, mostly concerning anti-air options.

#65 Posted by Yukoei (1877 posts) -

Could somone add a simple charecter to the page? I would really like some tips on Ken,  Ryu and Blaka because this is my first Street Fighter game (I'm a Tekken player).

#66 Posted by Yukoei (1877 posts) -

Thanks, you guys just helped the biggest Street Fighter noob in the world from braking his controller in two.

#67 Posted by DRE7777 (398 posts) -

When people said the learning curve is high on this game I was always like "Yeah right, I bet its not that hard". With all the talk of SSFIV I decided to get SFIV and GOD DAMN I SUCK. This thing helped a lot. Although i still suck, I at least understand some of what I need to do, I just need to get better at doing it. 
Thanks guys, especially the dude who posted the videos.
#68 Posted by Sweep (9074 posts) -

I only just discovered this guide and it has been incredibly enlightening. Excellent work lads :D

#69 Posted by jessej07 (213 posts) -

Haven't read this thread but have read the beginning of the guide and I just want to say thanks to everyone involved.  I really like playing SF2 HD from XBLA but I only play on easy and am finally getting okay with it- I just ordered SFIV today and hope to be okay at that also.  I'm already learning some great stuff from the beginning of the guide, nice work!

#70 Posted by Legend (2665 posts) -

I'm really glad that so many people have found this useful. I'll be sure to update it when Super Street Fighter IV comes out. Thanks to everyone who added content to the guide.

#71 Posted by wwfundertaker (1410 posts) -

Really good guide, now to kick someones ass.

#72 Posted by SteepInKline (165 posts) -

I used to be a terrible SF player. Now that I've got this guide (and should be receiving my first fight stick by the end of the week), I think I can become a great player someday (or at least a competent one).

#73 Posted by TosspoT (30 posts) -

 quality guide duders ~ cheers

#74 Posted by animateria (3275 posts) -

Zombie revival!

#75 Posted by breaking3po (153 posts) -

I love the guide. thanks to all involved
#76 Posted by aceedkins (192 posts) -

Is it too late to get into Street Fighter IV? I'm seriously considering picking up super along with either a fightpad or fightstick, which brings me to my next question. If I do decide to get SSFIV, should I pick up the madcatz fightpad or fightstick?

#77 Posted by zolloz89 (254 posts) -

im having general difficulty with sf4, because my street fighter experience has always centered on sf3 and the parry. nice work on the guide. 
@aceedkins: i was going to buy a stick, then decided to build my own. it ends up being about the same cost, plus you get your own artwork and the satisfaction of making it.

#78 Posted by rusted3572 (28 posts) -

This is just have I have been looking for.  Starting playing today for the first time in ages and got my ass handed to me many, many times....

#79 Posted by Siepher (255 posts) -

Great idea, I'm currently having a hard time with the online play, and this could definitely help me out!

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