I Need...Training! ( o'-')--o Q('-'Q)

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So I recently downloaded SF4 on Xbox Live off Games On Demand because the hype for SSF4 is killing me inside lol. Anyways, it's been a few months since I last played (which was on Windows Live with the PC version) so I'm just starting to work the rust off with my main, Fei Long. So right now I'm unlocking the characters again and practicing a lot because I want to be good when SSF4 is out! So I was wondering if anyone is down to spar, battle, and have epic matches and get ready for SSF4, please add me on Live! 
Here's my gamertag: HurricaneJP 

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@CitizenJP:  Didn't you post this thread last night?
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@JJOR64:  Yeah but it got deleted last night too! I don't know why and when I went back to check it, it was gone and not even on my profile. :/
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@CitizenJP:  It most likely got deleted because we have this match up thread HERE.
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Ooooooh Ok thx guys! :D

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But the matchup thread doesn't have the cute little text boxer and trainer in the title! Seriously, that's awesome!

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@TheGreatGuero:  Lol thx for noticing man! I was hoping somebody would like it. :D
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@CitizenJP: Its fairly adorable ....
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Before this thread gets deleted, I want to point out i like this emote

( o'-')--o Q('-'Q)

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See match-up thread. Locked.

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