I'm only any good facing left??

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Anyone else have this issue?  If my char is facing to the left I can pull off my combos abought 90% of the time and my supers and ultras about 99% of the time.   If I end up facing to the right like you would if you were playing single player I totally suck.   
I've had dudes wide open for strings of combos and cant get an ultra out or anything!  Arg! 
I'm using the white fightstick (Non-tourney one) and I started maining Abel. 
I know the answer is gonna be to practice, and I'm going to but I just needed to vent!  Why cant everyone just stay to my left!

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im the same with the 2x qcf on the right side of the stick. I also have to do it after a dash the opposite way so its quite difficult but im slowly getting better the more i do it. How long have you had your stick? Its probably just a case of practise like you said.

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This reminds me of how I always do terrible playing on the top court on tennis games.

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Same issue, coincidentally with Abel as well. I find pacing myself when I do supers/specials seems to fix the problem by which I mean take another 1/8th of a second per motion on the stick (you don't have to do it as fast as you think you do). Unfortunatly, during heated matches I lose my composure a bit (control wise).

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I love the lingo fighting game fans use. Maining is a great example.

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I've always been the same way, but only it's facing right.  My execution is a lot better when I'm on the left-side of the screen.  It's ass when I'm on the right.

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@JJWeatherman: You just don't know!
I am the same to a lesser extent. From the right I am a beast. From the left, not so much, but I am improving. I really had to spend a lot of hours in training to force my left hand to do the 2xqcf motion correctly after doing a fadc. Now I hit ultra after an fadc from  the left side about 7/10 times, which is embarrassingly much better then I use to be. From the right side it is automatic.
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i think a lot of players have that issue. i'm pretty good either way, but i do excel on the 1p side. i think its cuz im left handed.

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Yes I have the same issues with some characters.

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When you're using a joystick, the muscles involved in moving one way versus moving the other are much different, whereas with a D-pad or analog stick that's not really the case.

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There's only one situation that I do have this problem, and that's facing left and doing Gen's Super into Ultra.
I think I've missed it the last eight times and it's really bumming me out.

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Crazy situation here, on pad I'm better when I face left, but on stick I'm better when I face right.  I also play a charge character so I'm not sure if that has something to do with it.

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My FADC's are much better on the right, but QCF motions are much better on the left.

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This is why I like charge-type characters. I don't have to worry about sides if I know which way to block.

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@newmarcom said:
" This is why I like charge-type characters. I don't have to worry about sides if I know which way to block. "
I don't think charge characters makes player sides any less of an issue. I have a hard time throwing sonic booms on the right side as well.
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I was kinda like that for a while as well.  Since I joined games instead of hosting games, I got so used to the right side of the screen.  After I got my stick I tried to break that habit and I did.

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On the 1p side, I'm much better with a stick but the complete opposite with a fightpad.

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It's the opposite for me, I can only face right, when I face left, all my skills dissapears. I can't do any special moves that direction.

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I'm the same, better from the 2p side than from the 1p side.  I started adjusting how I'm holding the stick when I end up on the 1p side, so to do QCF motions I pull the stick down with my finger tips and push it right with my palm in 2 specific places, and to do SRK motions I hit the stick forward with my palm and do the same thing.  The hard one for me is FADC canceling on the 1p side, because cammy has to dash back for ultra.  That usually makes it so i can land SRK FADCf SRK from 1p side, and SRK FADCb Ultra from the 2p side, but im not good at doing them opposite.  grr.  Mainly, I find it hard to do the dashing motion with my thumb.  :)

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i cant do vipers ex sismo, super jump, flame kick on the p1 side... but thats all i can think of.  
practice makes perfect

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I recently started messing around with SF4 (after a long hiatus) only to find I can't do Shoryukens consistently on the right side anymore using a TE. That, and I have issues doing HCB from the right side, essetially making my  Akuma on the p2 side a recipe for fail.
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I've tried to balance my practice on both sides so I don't have such a handicap. I'm still usualy better at throwing sonic booms from right to left but I'm better at doing Guile's Ultra left to right. Too many times I've blocked someone's ultra or SRK only to jump and kick as a response... it's lost me a few games, too, so now I'm very slow and careful when I've got to a free Ultra as Guile.

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@Kumo said:

" I recently started messing around with SF4 (after a long hiatus) only to find I can't do Shoryukens consistently on the right side anymore using a TE. That, and I have issues doing HCB from the right side, essetially making my  Akuma on the p2 side a recipe for fail. "

Strange, I find FADC to red fireball much easier on the right. 
Don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with either side, it's literally like a 95% vs 93% thing or something.
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Yeah, I don't know why it's like that for me. My right-side HCB execution isn't as bad as my shoryuken execution, though. Just gotta work on it and get the muscle memory for it.
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I can't believe I found this by googling "can't do ultras when facing right". 
I have been in training with Sakura for literally 45 minutes, and have only performed her ultra TWICE while facing right.  I jump over  the 2p side, bam, hit it every time.  I've tried everything.  Holding the controller funny, remapping the buttons.  I even have it so square is my triple punch button.  Still won't nail it.  Even worse, usualy the game just has me throw an EX fireball or uppercut instead, wasting an EX move on me.
This may be the end of my Street Fighter playing right here.

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I'm left handed,and I can't pull of shit unless it's from the left facing right. FADC>Ultra is so freaking hard facing left D:

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I think just about everyone using an arcade stick to play has this issue. 
I find that when I'm on the right I have to exaggerate my movements to get things to come out properly. I've even gone as far as experimenting playing cross handed whenever I'm on the P1 side. It didn't really work out. 
It pretty much comes down to using your fingers vs. using your arm to play. On the P2 side you can do all the motions very quickly with the flick of your fingers, but to do them on the P1 side it feels like you need to move your whole arm. 
In the end there is really no such thing as difficulty, it's just gonna come down to time invested. Are you willing to put in some long hours just working the motions on the P1 side? I am slowly getting there, but my current schedule of work, family and house remodeling doesn't allow me to put in the huge number of hours per day required to have perfect execution on either side. Oh well...

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