Just purchased SFIV with a SE Fightstick, and...

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I'm enjoying the game and fully intend on buying Super, but I can't for the life of me perform Ryu's ultra or super. I've got Hadoken down, but the second QCF in his ultra/super are unperformable for me. Whenever I try to perform it Ryu always jumps, lands, and performs a hadoken. Any tips? I just can't get it, and I've spent 2 hours now in training mode trying to pull it off. (PS I realize that the three punches mean that they are all pressed at the same time, not in sequential order) 
Also, add me if you feel like helping a noob learn the ropes =P  
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Be very deliberate in the ultra motion.  Make sure you dont go to up/forward.  Do the joystick motion quickly, but precisely, it doesnt have to be as fast as you might think.  Tap the three punch buttons twice as you make your second QCF, this will increase your chances of it coming out.  Turn on input display and see what you're hitting wrong (training mode options, also turn on infinite or refill ultra/super bars), sometimes it's as simple as pressing lp before the other 2 punches.  if you want to practice his super, stand close to the training dummy, throw a fireball then mash qcf and any punch repeatedly, this will keep you from jumping.  To do just the standing ultra, just be sure you never go to up/forward in your ultra motion.

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If you're jumping, then you're going beyond just pressing forward. It also might help to set up one button to be your 3punch, but it sounds like you just need to get the QCF move down without rolling it into a diagonal up position. Maybe try to stop the QCF motion just slightly before you get to pressing all the way right or left.

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didn't do it once in 2 hours? you must be making a huge mistake. Make sure you have the 3 punch buttons mapped to 1 button...

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Down, Down/Forward, Forward *let stick return to neutral position* Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Three Punches. Start out slow, and just increase the speed until it will come out. Then just work on it from there. Making very deliberate motions will help in you not hitting Up/Forward and jumping when you shouldn't be.

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alright, thanks for the tips guys. I'll try mapping all 3 punches to one button.

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These guys have got it. Just make really deliberate motions making sure you're doing exactaly what it says you need to do for the move to come out. After a while and after you've got it locked down you can get into shortcuts ect. but right now just do it nice and slowly and acurately. You're lucky you're not playing SSFIIHDR, you've got to be perfect in doing a move on that game or it'll never come out.

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Still having a bit of trouble, but I'm sure I'll get it. Would anyone want to play a teaching game with tonight? I'd love to spend some time with an experienced player. My GT is in the OP.

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@aceedkins:  you want to be careful of your speed. Theres kind of a sweet spot in  how fast to perfom super manuvers. Go too slow and the game thinks you are trying to do a special (causing the super not to come out). Go too fast and your error rate will increase too much (causing the super not to come out). When you practice, make sure to practice when facing in either direction. Alot of the time doing the motion towards or away from your button hand will be easier. Alos there is a good beginner trick for getting supers to come out. If you have a problem accidentally jumping in your 2x qcf motion or 360 motion, jump into the air and start the super motion as you fall back down so that it finishes as you land. Because you are already in the air you wont be able to interrupt you super motion with a jump. If you are playing an snk fighter you can also do this while rolling or dodging, as you cant jump during those animations.
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if you have some money to spend, id  recommend getting hd remix and using its training mode because its a lot more strict and it will force you to be more accurate.

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