Looking for fellow noobs (PS3)

#1 Posted by Skye (411 posts) -

Just getting into the game so I'm looking for some fellow complete noobs or some experienced players to pwn me and give me some tips.
PSN ID: Pessh

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#3 Posted by fwylo (3556 posts) -
#4 Posted by Skye (411 posts) -

My bad, a mod can lock this.

#5 Posted by mubress (1517 posts) -

Well as your looking exclusively for noobs I don't see why it should be locked. 

Anywayz, I'm not a noob (plenty would say otherwise), but you can add me anyway. PSN is mubress2 :)

#6 Edited by StaticFalconar (4850 posts) -

I'm on a lookout for a new main, itd be nice to try out dif characters without facing the specialists that just wants nothing but to shut people down and call them a noob. 
EDIT: PSN :STaticFalconar

#7 Posted by Driadon (3059 posts) -

I might rent this this weekend. bring the skills I've built up on the PC end over to the PS3 for a bit. 
PSN: Driadon

#8 Edited by GetEveryone (4459 posts) -

Like StaticFalconar I wouldn't mind trying out new characters (dhalsim, abel, ken), so give me an add and we can spar.
PSN is the same as my tag here.

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#10 Posted by Satune (477 posts) -

Add me, always looking for new guys to fight.
PSN: TruffleHouse

#11 Posted by Skye (411 posts) -
@StaticFalconar: @GetEveryone: @Driadon: added
#12 Posted by MeatXbeatsXman (238 posts) -

I'll play with ya, my PSN ID is BaSs4YoURFacE.

#13 Posted by brodywb (192 posts) -

I should really play some more of this game. Feel free to add me as well. 
PSN: brodywb
#14 Posted by sfighter21 (798 posts) -

I'm a n00b with a fightstick...does that count?  I REALLY need some practice with it.  I got it for christmas, and I haven't gotten to use it as much, so if you think that warrents some sparring matches, go ahead and add me!
PSN:  King_PIN21

#15 Posted by ljgpliskin92 (174 posts) -

Hello, PSN: ljgpliskin92
no mic though =(

#16 Posted by dieguy (97 posts) -

I'm a noob
PSN: d1eguy

#17 Posted by thegoldencat7 (1501 posts) -

I offered you a match but you said you were too rubbish.
#18 Posted by InfiniteStateMachine (215 posts) -

I'm practically a noob again, 
PSN : InfiniteState

#19 Posted by Skye (411 posts) -
@thegoldencat7: I know, but now i'm slightly less rubbish so I am playing people.
#20 Posted by thegoldencat7 (1501 posts) -
@Skye said:
" @thegoldencat7: I know, but now i'm slightly less rubbish so I am playing people. "

Great, anytime man. I got tired of fighting anonymous folk a while ago.

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