Negative Edge is your Positve Edge.

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     I was talking to Canned the other day and he mentioned that C.Viper players use a technique where by they press one button hold it down and then do the motion then release and the special comes out. This is called Negativr edge and has been in Street Fighter games since WW (ssays random internet user). Normally I would not make a post about this but! I had no idea this 'feature' was in SFIV and it has really made a lot of thing easier for me, most notably pokes --> special. You see using this technique you can throw out a random poke and buffer the motion and only if it hit will the move come out. May be this is common knowledge but to me its new I thought everyone uses 2 button presses for everything. This also making things like s.lp xx lp.srk a helluva lot easier, normally when I try this you need spot on timing, using the Negative Edge it has made this a lot easier.
     For thous still not understanding what Negative is. I find it is best used for when you use the same button for both the normal and special attack i.e. .cr MK xx mk tastu, normally you have to press mk twice but using negative edge all you have to do is once you press mk for the to come out just hold it down and release the button once u finish the qcb. Its great! and if the wiffs the tasu won't come out, which is also great. One thing to note guess is that if they clock your normal move then special will still come out so its something to be mindful of.
     So yea, when i figured this out today it blew my mind just passing it on to you guys. Again I have no idea how common this knowledge this is, hopefully i'm helping someone haha.
I guess my last point is a question, anyone already using this? :)
EDIT --> This also works with charge attacks.

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Hmmm, i also did not know this. Gonna try this out right after work!

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I only knew about this because of the videos posted in the SFIV beginners guide here on GB. But even though I know about it, its really hard to train myself to press the button and not let it go haha. But if it works its great.  
That being said I'm still a beginner trying to get good and its soooo hard. The thing is I'm actually pretty good at Marvel vs Capcom 2, but for some reason I just cant get handle on the slower, more precise nature of a non versus fighting game. I guess I just like the chaos haha.

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I knew this for while and in all honest if i knew more people one the board where unaware of this i would have made a topic like you did  

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Knew it already and use it for a few things.

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I cannot believe you didnt know this. Thats why you could not beat Stang!
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@copycatzen said:
" @Jeffsekai: I cannot believe you didnt know this. Thats why you could not beat Stang! "
haha if only, knowing this will not make me beat Stang.
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If you double tap, your bascially doing 4 inputs. Although I knew before, someone obviously hasn't watched ultima's videos, tut tut.

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#9 Posted by Kumo (127 posts) -

Yeah, I've been using that since I was messing around in Third Strike. It's pretty useful, moreso for some characters than others.
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damn, cant even try this out because my disc broke today :(

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will this work with things like fei long's rekkas?  as in for all 3 of them

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I've always found it's easier for me to just do the actual inputs...if I mess around with negative edge too much I pull out special moves that I don't want. I do use it for plinking though.

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#13 Posted by Stang (4755 posts) -

I heard my name o.0
Negative edge is not going to make you magically better. It is an "advanced" technique I guess, but whatever. Like Thrawn I prefer just doing my inputs normally.

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I only find this useful in very specific situations in SF4.  The input window is incredibly lenient, and so I only use it for very specific pokes im trying to hit confirm (cammy's xx Spiral arrow for Knock down) and even then I don't use it often, and for many characters its not useful because they have a safe poke xx special combo (ryu is mostly safe on xx hado) or because you want to use a different strength special than the normal you stuck out (or a punch special off a crouching kick). I can see several applications for some characters, and not as many for others.
This was really a necessity with the strict reversal window of SF2 turbo or even HD remix, where "pianoing" all 3 buttons in rapid succession resulted in 6 inputs, greatly increasing your chances of hitting that reversal window or super activation. 

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Mind blown, off to try it now. Thanks for this :D

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@Jimi said:
" Mind blown, off to try it now. Thanks for this :D "
Yes I helped someone thread is no longer useless.
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@Plasma said:

" If you double tap, your bascially doing 4 inputs. Although I knew before, someone obviously hasn't watched ultima's videos, tut tut. "

Double-tapping will not get you four inputs, only 2. There has to be a certain number of frames between pressing and releasing the button for it to register as a negative edge maneuver, and furthermore negative edge will not help normal moves to come out better, only special moves (since normal moves will not come out at all by releasing a button). 
But yeah, kinda shocked people didn't know about negative edge. It's not really a big deal in SF4, doesn't work as well and the inputs are lenient enough as it is nowadays. 
when I do st.HP -> HP Fireball -> FADC etc. -- I'm using negative edge most of the time. Pressing HP, doing fireball motion, releasing HP, then FADC.
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@lordofultima: I knew about it just not in the context of SF4.
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#19 Posted by Plasma (968 posts) -

Yeah I find that using negative edge makes a combo seem more... relaxed? I don't know, it just feels less mashy and more concise. 

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