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I just picked up street fighter iv and a fight stick and its been awhile since i played.  
With that being said I am not great at the game.  
I have about a 40% win/loss.
I would love to play with you guys so I can get some pointers and what not and just for some friendly competition. 
I mostly main E. Honda but I also play rose/rufus(much worse with them). 
Anyone that would like to play some games with me plop down your Gamertag (XBL) and ill add you for some games

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if you play honda learn how to jab hhs...

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add me, AjayRaz. i'm not very good, but i've had a couple of matches with people here 

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welcome . Feel free to kick my ass .
turbomonkey138 . Let me know if your adding me ill need to clear some room .

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@turbomonkey138: I will probably be adding you  
I forgot to mention my Gamertag is Heartagram1028
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Hey man, i'd love to play with you.  I'm an Abel player as you can tell from my avatar.  Anyway, here's my GT. 

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@Heartagram said:
" @turbomonkey138: I will probably be adding you   I forgot to mention my Gamertag is Heartagram1028 "
Made some space . add away
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@Thrawn: Wow that is crazy never knew he had such a thing...just goes to show how crazy fighting games are. Seems like there is like what 3 moves a character but infinite combos to learn (not the cheap kind just a lot of different combos haha)
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yeah jab into heavy hhs is honda's best combo IMO. It's safe, builds goos super meter, and does decent chip damage (35 i think) and every now and then you can skip the hhs after the jab and go for ochio throw. It's really the first thing a honda player should practice I think, and it's good that you got a stick cuz it's hard to do without one. In order to get hhs out, you have to hit any 5 punch buttons within a short period of time. The last punch button you hit will determine how strong the hhs is. For ex hhs the last button you press has to be pressed with another punch button at the same time. I use the piano method: while crouching I hit "lp hp mp lp hp" all together really fast. It's best to start slow and slowly build up your speed until you can see the combo coming out. If done right it should result in the lp canceling into the hp version of hhs. After the hhs ends you can end the combo with a standing roundhouse (hk) for good damage and it's not too hard of a link. THe other option after the hhs ends is to do another hhs. the second time you do it you'll go straight into the hhs skipping the lp. Just do the same button presses (lp hp mp lp hp) and try to hit the last hp right as the first hhs ends and honda will jump forward and combo the two hhs together. The next level of crazy hhs combo involves his ex hhs. When you do the ex hhs you can "steer" honda with the stick so if you press it towards the opponent during the ex hhs you will follow them and there is a 1 frame window after the ex hhs ends where you can combo it into crouching lp. And as you know from earlier, you can combo lp into hhs. If ou keep on doing lp ex hhs, lp ex hhs it's an infinite combo until you run out of super meter. Because of the damage scaling it won't dp a whole lot of damage but it'll probably stun the opponent. I've yet to see a honda player use more than two ex hhs together in a real match. Getting out ex hhs is easy if you aren't comboing it from lp, but it's a bitch trying to get all those buttons in before the lp ends. 
Things you can do during a hhs:
FADC ochio: so during the hhs you can focus out of it, dash towards the other guy and then ochio throw him. It's unsafe because he can move around while you're dashing but it catches people by surprise every now and then.
Super combo: lol yes, it you have been charging back you can do the input for honda's super during the first few hits of the hhs and it'll cancel/combo into super for a shitload of damage.  A typical combo is to do jab hhs, hhs, super.
LOL sorry for the long post but I like talking about this stuff

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@Thrawn: AH!!!! THE WALL OF TEXT!! :p
@Heartagram: Da Stang is the name, scrubbin is the game.
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Why must everyone play on XBL! This upsets me greatly. 

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@DanielJW: Buy my a ps3 and I will happily play you!
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@Stang: As if PSN needs another awful Ken. 
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@DanielJW said:
" @Stang: As if PSN needs another awful Ken.  "
oh shit! *gets down* 
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@DanielJW: OH NO YOU DIDN'T! But you are right, Free1up is probably as good as it gets on the ps3, and that dude is horrid!
@AjayRaz: Handle Daniel for me, would ya?
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@Stang: u-uh.. ok! hey @DanielJW: ... prepare for the b-beating... of your LIFE!! 
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@Stang said:
" @DanielJW: OH NO YOU DIDN'T! But you are right, Free1up is probably as good as it gets on the ps3, and that dude is horrid!
@AjayRaz: Handle Daniel for me, would ya? "
I'd like to have another go with Ajay. He man handled me last time, but I've gotten better.  
You'd be a welcome addition Stang. All the Ken's I've played are flowchart, you need to teach them a thing or two.
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@DanielJW: Haha, trust me, I am flowchart also....just a bit more advanced. And I talk a lot of shit, nobody wants any of that :p
I am rolling with Ryu now, I bring flowchart to a whole new level!
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You know the funny thing. I am having a hard time doing Fireballs with the stick but i can do a shoryuken every try its pretty funny. Gotta get used to it

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Yo add me, my GT is AniMoney

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