Newegg Final's begin tomorrow, help ya boy out!

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#1 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -
Here is the bracket
Can some of you regulars look at it and tell me if you recognize any of these names, have played these people, or just give me some advice? I know the dude I play tomorrow is a Guile, and Citiofbrass is a nasty nasty Honda, but beyond that I am clueless.
Thanks for the help, gotta rep the Bomb!
#2 Edited by YetiAntics (1489 posts) -

Go Stang! Represent the Giant Bomb Street Fighter IV Scene! 
Edit: As for the topic at hand, i have no idea.... would help if you tried to find some Youtube videos, to see if any of them have some.
#3 Posted by lordofultima (6230 posts) -

Citiofbrass and Kreymore are in top 8 with you, be careful Stang!

#4 Posted by wefwefasdf (6729 posts) -

Awesome job Stang! Win that thing! Make sure you let us know how it goes.

#5 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -
@PantyshotMQN: Ya, I going to head to Youtube now, thanks!
@lordofultima: Any first hand experience with either of these guys?
@SpikeSpiegel: Thanks :) You will know if I lose, people within 2000 miles will feel the rage I radiate!
#6 Posted by OwnlyUzinWonHan (1479 posts) -

I'll be sure to say "Let's go Stang!" at work and confuse everybody around me when it gets to 9PM.
That's what it would be for the East coast right?

#7 Edited by Stang (4726 posts) -
@OwnlyUzinWonHan: 6 pm my time, so yeah, 9 pm eastern sounds about right.
citiofbrass = Beast Honda
gl0ry = Tournament level Ryu/Bison
LeRaldo = Sagat
jebarlow = Ken......FUCK MY LIFE IF I PLAY THIS GUY
wingwongwong = Who the fuck knows
Kreymore = Big time Abel. First vid on youtube is him vs Yipes (as Ken). Haha don't think my bullshit will work on him :(

I dunno, GB is acting strange lately.
#8 Posted by JJOR64 (18939 posts) -

Sorry, but I don't recognize any of those names.

#9 Posted by AniMoney (957 posts) -

You should record your matches if you can.

#10 Posted by NickL (2246 posts) -

will they be broadcasting these in any way?
gl stang

#11 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -

Nope, no broadcasting that I know of. If I can win both of tomorrow's matches I will go buy a dazzle for the next day though.
I am in a bit of a tough spot, I kind of want to use Ryu against the Guile tomorrow, Ken just can't play the fireball games in this matchup. The problem is I am ass with Ryu, I play him as if he was Ken and that just does not fly. I just don't know (see what I did there).

#12 Posted by lordofultima (6230 posts) -

Kreymore is part of Empire Arcadia.

#13 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -
@lordofultima: So is Dayasha....
I know the guy is legit, but I don't care if he reps them, I can't let something like that phase me. Lets just hope wingwongchongbong beats him so it is a non issue.
#14 Edited by YetiAntics (1489 posts) -

Just watched (the most recent) videos of your first match up and, Stang, you got dis. 
Just play it smart and wait for opportunites to rise. Block low and punish.
#15 Edited by turbomonkey138 (4950 posts) -

Stang as the best street fighter player on this forum i am going to give you some Dan and zone ..... that is all
but in all seriousness i hope you win

#16 Posted by Plasma (931 posts) -

Why play Dan and zone? He has wakeup fierce shoryukens and random ultras, mash that flowchart out! =D

#17 Posted by Jeffsekai (7027 posts) -

Yo bro you gotta believe in the  heart of the cards.

#18 Posted by Scooper (7882 posts) -

Stick with Ken against Guile and just keep doing shenanigans like you do against me. I know we're both completely different and alot of the stuff you do on me won't work on him but remember his wakeup game is not good and all he can really do is FK FADC out when you get into his grill. I say don't switch to Ryu. I personally have a far harder time against Ken then Ryu but again, I'm not at you guys' level so take my advice with a pinch of salt.

#19 Posted by ArbitraryWater (11587 posts) -

I believe in you Stang. Flowchart those bastards into oblivion!

#20 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -
@Scooper: Thanks for your thoughts, I will stick with Ken. I know I will regret it big time if I pick Ryu and lose, so I may as well use my boy and hit it hard. No homo.
@ArbitraryWater: Thanks man :)
I just realized my old ass digi can record video, is this quality ok? BTW, if you want somebody to rage quit, do the combo in the video!
#21 Posted by Jeffsekai (7027 posts) -
@Stang: An error Occerd please try again
#22 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -
@Jeffsekai: Hmmm, works fine here :\
#23 Posted by Jeffsekai (7027 posts) -
@Stang: When did u upload it?
#24 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -
@Jeffsekai: Like 10 minutes ago. One minute it works, the next it gets that error. Youtube has been balls lately.
#25 Posted by Jeffsekai (7027 posts) -
@Stang: It needs to be finished processing
#26 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -
@Jeffsekai: Ah, I see. Typically how long does that take? It is only 33 seconds long! I will post it again.
#27 Posted by Jeffsekai (7027 posts) -
@Stang: idk when I upload a 10 min vid it takes 2 hrs or so.
#28 Posted by fwylo (3556 posts) -
@Stang: Thats a crazy combo. Good luck.
#29 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -

Alright, works now:

Quality acceptable? And thanks fwylo :)
#30 Posted by YetiAntics (1489 posts) -

Did you see this in some video or something? He probably knows who you are XD
#31 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -
@PantyshotMQN: I've been styling like that since 'nam! I never do that against friends, too tacky. I have no problem doing it against randoms though. Having somebody quit on me is more fulfilling then winning.
Quality ok for you?
#32 Posted by Plasma (931 posts) -

Tacky? It's more your too shit for fighting, i'm gonna juggle you instead.

#33 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -
@Plasma: Ha! Well, I guess I should mention that it wastes all your meter, and does about 350 damage. It can also be a real bitch to get that off online.
#34 Posted by YetiAntics (1489 posts) -
Quality is great actually!
#35 Posted by Jeffsekai (7027 posts) -

Looks good.

#36 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -
#37 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -

Won the first game.....2 bar with severe input lag, and the guy was a cheater. Pathetic. I had to pound buttons for the inputs to come out.....kind of don't want to upload the vid!

#38 Posted by demontium (4707 posts) -
@Stang: Kreymore plays a cammy I believe. 
He/She may have changes, but he/she was on srk and played cammy last time i checked. 
just google these peoples names.
#39 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19321 posts) -
@Stang said:
" and the guy was a cheater. "
How so?
#40 Edited by SJSchmidt93 (4894 posts) -

I don't wonder over to the SFIV forums to often but I do play, I'm sure I'd no this if I posted in these forums often, but what fighter do you play Stang?
And I love how everyone has awesome 8-bit SF fighter avatars.

#41 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19321 posts) -
@SJSchmidt93: Hint: his avatar.
#42 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4894 posts) -
@FluxWaveZ said:
" @SJSchmidt93: Hint: his avatar. "
Makes sense.
#43 Posted by JJOR64 (18939 posts) -
@Stang: Just keep us updated.  GL man.
#44 Edited by Plasma (931 posts) -

So how many matches do you have to win now to not be a pot monster?                      (_____-monster is the 2010 hype) 
EDIT: Ahh didn't see the brackets, just 3 more to go!  

#45 Posted by ZombieHunterOG (3530 posts) -

Good luck  

#46 Posted by Jeffsekai (7027 posts) -

Oh man Stang I think you have to upload the video of you yelling at cheating asshole

#47 Posted by lilarchie232 (728 posts) -

Good luck duders!

#48 Posted by demontium (4707 posts) -
@Stang said:
" Alright, works now:
    Quality acceptable? And thanks fwylo :) "
Best combo ever?
#49 Posted by Stang (4726 posts) -
@FluxWaveZ: The guy told me to send him an invite to play. We played, I won 2-0. He then says that did not count because I sent the invite to play, but the rules say he has to send it. He planned that in advance, like a true asshole. Sadly for him, I taped the match and his live messages. Low life scum.
Thanks for rooting for me everybody, I will upload the vids after my match that starts...well now.
#50 Edited by Demigonis (192 posts) -
@Stang: Wow, what a jerkoff. You should upload the whole thing for us to point and laugh at his asshattery.
PS: Goodluck in your remaining matches!

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