Seth's headstomp reset

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I can handle his links/BnB's, but in a corner after Hyk..(rapid leg kicks) how do you time the down medium kick? Its been such a fucking hassle trying to get down.
Only created a new topic since it looks like Haunt's "Ask me anything" thread got nuked.

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When I was messing with Seth this gave me trouble for a bit, but I figured out that all you have to do is hold Up Forward and mash on MK and just push down as soon as he jumps out and it will come out.

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@Jeffsekai: Yeah, I'm having a bit more luck now. It seems to come out more consistently if I hit-confirm into the kicks than it does if I just try legs - headstomp. Still doesn't seem 100%. If anyone's got any decent tricks for timing it that would be awesome.
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I've never played with seth so can't help. I don't know why I posted...

#5 Posted by Jeffsekai (7155 posts) -
@mubress said:
" I've never played with seth so can't help. I don't know why I posted... "
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Hold up forward during legs, and the moment he leaves the ground, hit D+MK. That's all it is. 
It's literally the MOMENT he leaves the ground. There's no trick, just keep practicing and you'll hit it every time.

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