SF4 Noob Question

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Okay so I'm pretty bad and slow on street fighter. I was wondering how to do charge moves (ex: Balrog). It says to charge in directions and then throw a punch or whatever. I've tried holding down in the directions for a period of time and I can't seem to get it. Any tips would be helpful.

#2 Posted by Pessh (2505 posts) -

Hold the direction for 2 seconds, then quickly press the other direction and punch/kick. There's no maximum charge time, so if you're having trouble hold back/down for a while.

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Also see this article on input leniency for SF4. It should clear up how the game registers your moves.

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Also for one of el fuerte's moves, it says to charge a kick button

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the training mode will be a good idea if you have trouble pulling off basic moves and it will show you how combos work in that game.

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