SFIV AE 2014? (Apparently we are getting another update)

#1 Posted by casper_ (915 posts) -

so capcom has announced they are working on another update ala AE 2012 or SFxT 2013. beside that information combofiend/capcomunity put up a video asking for community suggestions pertaining to balance etc.

here is the eventhubs article Link

what kind of stuff would you like to see? new characters? any specific balance stuff? the end of vortexes and unblockables?

i kind of wish this kind of attention was given to their other franchises (marvel may never get another update) or maybe the development of a next gen fighting game (maybe darkstalkers 4)

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Holy shit, if this is happens then my addiction may start again. I would love to see some new characters. And nerf Ryu and Yun or Yang (whichever one is the worst, I can't remember) already.

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@mcghee: i'd like to see some new characters too maybe karin from alpha but more likely its gonna be poison, rolento and/or hugo seeing as how they've got those models already. yun and yang got nerfed pretty bad for 2012 (yang got wrecked) but some other characters have taken their place as annoying-ly high tier ( cammy, seth and akuma imo)

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@mcghee said:

And nerf Yun or Yang (whichever one is the worst, I can't remember) already.

I guess you skipped 2012? They got decently nerfed, some would say excessively.

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It's great that such an old game is still getting updates but aren't most people tired of this game now? I've read articles of Japanese players wanting a new SF or new characters and while the community is still going it just doesn't seem as big as last year. Plenty of people have switched to Mahvel or other newer fighting game franchises because everyone's exhausted of Street Fights. Hell as a person who hates DC Comics i'm more hyped for Injustice than a new Street Fighter update at this point.

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@malkavianjd: It's not as big, but the game is still really popular. I'd say it's probably the 2nd most popular after UMVC3. Street Fighter 5 has to be completely different, people won't just want a full priced itterative version of 4. Games like Blazblue can get away with it, since there is a focus on single player and story, but SF is all about the mechanics. It's got to the point where players have really figured a lot out, and the matches are even more fun to watch since the best players are really on top of their game.

I could see SF5 coming out next gen, but right now there's no real reason to have a completely new game. It's still too early to move on, I think. Besides, if they announced a new game now all we'd hear is the usual "Crapcom milking everything i'll wait for superturboarcaderemix2015lelel".

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I just hope Cammy and Akuma don't become Yang status. Nerf em a bit sure, but not that much.

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