SpecialBuddy vs Stang: First to 20 Ghetto Stream!

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Me and Stang are having a long set to SETTLE IT ALL! Well actually that is going down at Evo but this is just a build up to see where we are at (IMO anyways). I figured I might as well stream it using the magic that is the IPhone mobile Ustream app.
But when I say it is a "Ghetto Stream" Im not kidding. This is how ghetto im talking.

 The Turtle Keychain is for support.

Anyways here is the link to the page. Post how you want. Give tips, trash talk, do whatever. It should get started pretty soon.
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@SpecialBuddy:  Link doesn't work duder.
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Link don't work, mang.

#4 Posted by addictedtopinescent (3634 posts) -

Link don't work bro, I want it on this ghetto stream shit, it sounds tight 

#5 Posted by SpecialBuddy (1181 posts) -

Should be fixed now.

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@Jeffsekai said:
Thats why it is Ghetto!
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i missed this. bollocks

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I taped the first 16 or so. I will post the ones against Fuerte where I rage like a mother fucker in a bit.

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cant wait....stream was jumpy was the audio was there.

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Here is a preview:
there you go.

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