Street Fighter IV arcade Stick (non Tournoment edition)

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Sorry for the redundant thread about arcade sticks but I just called Gamestop and they have 1 arcade stick left.  Its $70.  Its not the tournoment stick but it looks like it might be good quality and a nice second stick to have for some local 2 player fighting.  anyone have this stick and can tell me if its worth it or not.  I already have a Hori EX2.  Thinking about modding too.
stick for sale at amazon too.  looks to be a little cheaper but I got credit at gamestop im trying to spend too.

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This is just the SE SFIV stick unless I'm missing something.
EDIT:  Unless your wanting one immediately Amazon sell the SE for 360 for 59.99 if you look here.
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Sounds like the SE stick. This is fine but you might want to swap the buttons out for some's only like $20 or so and very easy
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If it's the SE stick, glue down the metal washer before using the stick. It has the potential to become loose and grind away at the stick's motherboard. Or just replaced the stick entirely. To be honest, the SE stick is only good for it's shell. The Madcatz components are crap.

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Thanks for he info.  I think im gonna pass on this one and wait for another sale on the Tournoment edition. 

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@mubress said:
" Linkage
This is just the SE SFIV stick unless I'm missing something.
EDIT:  Unless your wanting one immediately Amazon sell the SE for 360 for 59.99 if you look here. "
Its a modded SE, but I wouldnt trust it. I mean they dont even tell you the parts... they just say "Modded to TE standards"... that could mean anything. 
Ask them for pics of the inside to confirm legitness if you want it, otherwise buy the cheaper ones.
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Marvel TE's are 90 bucks at GameStop today I believe, maybe it's passed though not sure.

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The SE is not really a substitute for the TE. I have a modded SE and i still prefer to use my TE as the SE simply doesnt have enough space for my hands to rest and is not as comfortable. 
On a side note-if anyone is interested in a PS3 SE modded with Sanwa parts, I have been trying to rid of it for a while.

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So I went into gamestop yesterday and they had the most amazing stick I have ever seen.  Its the Marvel Vs Cap. TE.  I scooped it up with no hesitation.  Feeling really good about my purchase I went home and played a few games on it.  Went online to brag about my new purchase and my bubble is burst to find out that just the day before the stick was on sale $50 cheaper.  So I got beat in the head on the price but at least I finally got my hands on a good quality TE stick.  
So can someone tell me what works best : having the switch set to Left analog or D-pad?

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How much did you pay? says its $140, so you're saying it was on sale for $90? I just picked up a SF IV Tourny stick on ebay for $80, but $90 for that stick would have been awesome.
I don't think it matters if it is set to D-pad or Left Analog, that's just for some games that might only have the D-pad as the only option and vice versa.

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It was $99 till then end of Feb.  I went in on march 1st, monday and paid $139.95.  It has been as high as $169.  I didnt get the best deal but it could have been worse.  I think these things are already selling on ebay for $200+ . 

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