To wait or not to wait?

#1 Posted by PopUp (50 posts) -

Hey guys, I want to get this game bad. But is it worth waiting for Arcade to come out, or should I just jump into SSFIV? Also, can I play at a good level with the xbox controller, or do I need a fightstick/madcatz one to excel (I want to get good). Last question, are there enough on xbox live still playing this game?

#2 Posted by audiosnag (1604 posts) -

I'd say get it now and just download the DLC when it comes out but that's just me. There's still lots of people playing it. If you plan on getting good and investing time into it I'd go for a stick.

#3 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5775 posts) -
@PopUp said:
" Last question, are there enough on xbox live still playing this game? "
I would think so.
#4 Posted by PopUp (50 posts) -
Wait arcade is coming as dlc for ssfiv? For free? And are there any cheap sticks that are still worth it, not willing to pay 200 :P
#5 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2532 posts) -

Not for free. I think it's like 15 or 20 dollars.

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You talking about PC or 360?  If 360, just get Super now and get the AE DLC when it comes out June 7th.  And yes, there are people still online.

As for the controller to use, it's all preference.  Right now Wolfkrone, arguably the best SSFIV player right now in the US, uses a Dual Shock 3.



I personally prefer a fight stick.
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@yoshimitz707 said:
" Not for free. I think it's like 15 or 20 dollars. "
AE DLC will be 1200 MS Points which equals $15.
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It depends, do you want to get the game now for maybe 20 dollars or something, and then upgrade to AE for 15 dollars or wait for the AE disc release? As for a fightstick, it all comes down to preference. I prefer a fightstick but there are some top players in the state who uses a pad. If you want to use a pad, you should probably pick up one of those madcatz fightpads, they are really great and that is what I used until I figured out I wanted a fightstick.

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Get the game now to get cvomforablt with a character, you will have a lot of experience in a months time


then download the DLC

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I wish it was free. Like was mentioned it'll run you at least $10 I'd imagine.
You can probably get a good stick for around $100 I think. I don't know if it still is but not too long ago I saw the first Madcatz TE stick for about $110. Like $80 cheaper then when I picked it up. Bastards.
#11 Posted by StaticFalconar (4920 posts) -

Last I heard if you have SSF4 already the DLC would be like 10-15 bucks, and if you waited til AE comes out the AE disc would be $40 new, so if you can get SSF4 for under 25 bucks or so, you would win out in the end. As for people playing, there are some, but not as many as before since the market has other fighting games like MK and MVC3, expect a flood in AE when AE gets released. 

#12 Posted by MrMazz (1080 posts) -

Yea pick up SSFIV used its like 25 bucks on gamestops site than its just 15 bucks for the AE DLC which technically would be slightly cheaper than just waiting till June 5 or when ever it comes out

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