Unbeatable 5th Cheevo....

#1 Posted by Pitta (182 posts) -

I know its not worth dick fro pts.... but how do you unlock it?

#2 Posted by slinky6 (567 posts) -


#3 Posted by Rmack (1078 posts) -

What's a dick fro?

Don't answer that.

#4 Posted by REDRUN (1410 posts) -
Rmack said:
"What's a dick fro?Don't answer that."

Should I give a Zangief Buzz or let it Blanka out?

... was it THIS FRO?

#5 Posted by Serker (520 posts) -

u need to unlock all other achievements to "unlock unbeatable 5th cheevo"

i think thats what u were asking... ?

#6 Posted by Keeng (999 posts) -

Man, none of this thread makes any sense to me.

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