Why is Sf4 over taken by SSF4 in forums?

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Answers please?

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What are you even asking?

In what context?

Just... What?

In general, SF4 has been overtaken by SSF4 / AC in ALL MEANINGFUL WAYS.

The top players to a large extent have moved on, the majority of the fan base moved on, and all balance changes are only happening on the later games (to my understanding).

So although I personally think SF4 is the better game - it has lost much of its relevance in general.

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Yeah I screwed up in the post and wouldn't let me edit its ment to say why is ssf4 over taken by stf 4 in fourms and ssf4 it has better graphics better maps more characters better themes and just a lot better and ssf4 AE that's just advanced ssf4 and its still not there in popular forums and the last evo 2012 was in ssf4 AE and sf4 still popular ?

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If you're referring to the list of popular boards in the right column and in the dropdown, I'm pretty sure that's just a bug. I don't think those have properly auto-updated since the relaunch several months ago.

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Think it more based on how well the wiki does. (just guessing)

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It wouldn't be a bug its got about 1000+ forums about it i want to know why?

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@chaser324: The dropdown used to work, the list on the side has been broken for years.

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It wouldn't be a bug its got about 1000+ threads about it i want to know why?


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@roxas6399: I assure you, it is in fact a bug causing SFIV to appear in the list of popular forums. Sure, there are more threads in the vanilla SF IV forum, but that's not indicative of the current popularity of the game among GB users.

I'm going to go ahead and consider this question asked and answered, and I'm locking this thread. If you have any more concerns about this bug, I suggest taking them over to Bug Reporting forum.


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