Windows 7 version and 2-player question.

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Hi all.
I've looked around the web and tried to find an answer for this, but no success. I have Windows 7 home premium x64 and was wondering if I would be able to play Street Fighter IV on my computer. From what I have understood, it only works on specific versions of Windows 7, like Windows 7 Ultimate or Professional. Is anyone running it on the Home Premium version that can confirm that it works?
Also: Is it possible to play 1versus1 on the same computer? On the same keyboard? Or do I need an extra controller?
Please help!

#2 Posted by Jiggah (304 posts) -

SF4 is not Windows 7 version specific.
You can play VS on the same computer, but you need an additional controller along with your keyboard.

#3 Posted by Zero_ (2012 posts) -

You can play it on any version of Windows 7. I can play it on my system, and it's running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

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Can you plug in 2 sticks to the pc version to play vs? I assume you can but I figured I'd ask.

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Not sure about the Windows 7 issues, but for the 1v1 thing, I think only one person can use the keyboard.

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  @AniMoney: Well, you can plug in two controllers to play some multiplayer, so why not sticks? 
Also, to add, please, for the love of GOD, do not use the keyboard for this game. The level of control you'd get would be nearly unplayable compared to at least setting up a controller.

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I recently played SF4 on Windows 7 with some friends and to answer your question, Yes. It works on Windows 7 and YES you can use two controllers on it at the same time. Just not on the same keyboard.

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Everything works fine on Windows 7; I actually prefer it over the console version, if only just for the mods and the visual effects you can throw in to change it up a bit.

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