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The arcade version of Street Fighter: The Movie added a bunch of new moves and concepts that hadn't been seen in any previous (or future) Street Fighter games. The arcade version of the game came under heavy criticism from the Street Fighter fan base for trying to imitate the Mortal Kombat games of the time with the live action characters, palette swapped cyborgs and emphasis on juggling. The home versions weren't direct ports of this game, instead the home versions were more directly based on Capcom 's Street Fighter II games with a few simple changes. The home versions were heavily criticized for being pointless, since the original games already existed and were far superior.


Street Fighter: The Movie features much the same roster of Super Street Fighter II: Turbo except for Fei Long, T. Hawk and Dhalsim . This is the only game in the series where the three boss characters keep their western names in the east, though the Japanese names were in parentheses on instruction cards to stop confusion with Japanese gamers. There was some differences in the roster between the arcade and home console versions of the game, with the palette swapped cyborgs created for the arcade version removed and two more well known Street Fighter characters added in the home console version. The characters that also appeared in the movie were portrayed by the actors that played them in the film, Raul Julia did not get a chance to portray M.Bison and only appears in cut-scenes due to his illness and death.

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Raul Julia was the man

Launch Game

Street Fighter: The Movie (the videogame) was a North American launch game for the original PlayStation (PSOne) back in 1995. The game launched alongside other PS1 launch titles that included:

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