Anyone actually own this?

#1 Posted by YetiAntics (1493 posts) -

I saw it maybe ONE time in store shelves. After that one time, this game was GONE.

#2 Posted by Chris2KLee (2338 posts) -

My cousin still has a copy on his shelf. We spent an afternoon dedicated to it trying to see if it was a good game. It wasn't, but my cousin was blinded by his love of SF at the time. He even convinced himself the movie was good for about a year. It's a funny artifact and I liked playing Capt. Sawada, for no other reason than it seemed so dumb.

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This game is godlike, Sawada main right here. It's a pretty good game, not as good as the movie though.

#4 Posted by dyslekt (281 posts) -

QL retro SF series? 
just saying:) 

#5 Posted by adeepname (12 posts) -

I actually owned this one. It plays best on a Saturn.

#6 Posted by Jeust (10864 posts) -
@adeepname said:
" I actually owned this one. It plays best on a Saturn. "
Yep. I have it also. It's a cool rendition to Street Fighter, but there are better games in the franchise. 
#7 Posted by adeepname (12 posts) -

The most redeeming factor is the ability to play as Van Damme.

#8 Posted by GunstarRed (5486 posts) -

Yup, I got it quite recently. It is so, so horrible but fun with friends.  The timing on all of the moves is weird .

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