Limited Edition gems have disappeared from my game.

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Exactly as the title says. I bought the Limited Edition package with the extra gems and also pre-order gems, but just today I noticed that most of my teams were missing 1 or 2 gems here and there so I went to check and all of those extra gems have been removed from my gem list.

In checking the Gem Log of previously selected gems, I can see some of those limited gems, but they have carts beside them without the checkmark through them and when I go to select it, it asks to re-download, but then says "Unable to download at this time."

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if there's a way to fix it and get the gems back. Sadly, I've misplaced the little card with the download code on it, so I can't try to re-input it.

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@pepperzz: I had this problem when I was d/c from my wireless internet. Pacman and megaman were gone and so where my gems, try seeing if you have a wireless connection issue.

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@TechHits: My Xbox is hooked directly into the router and I've played online recently without being able to access the gems. Thanks for the input though.

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You're boned

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