Mega Man and Pac Man will be FREE week one DLC for PS3

#1 Posted by StarvingGamer (8605 posts) -

For those of you looking forward to playing as fat, old Mega Man and a Mokujin riding Pac Man on PS3, you're going to have to wait for a week after the game comes out. On the bright side, both characters are going to be free so don't forget to log onto PSN and download them.

In the meantime, here are a few great informational videos to help get you salivating.

#2 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11496 posts) -

That seems odd, but whatever. Who wants to bet that they wind up being DLC for the 360 version at some point too? (Paid or otherwise).

#3 Posted by jjnen (661 posts) -

@MooseyMcMan: You mean against or for it? 1 million Brad Bucks for the DLC appearing in six months or whenever the ultimate edition hits the shelves.

#4 Posted by TechHits (1391 posts) -

@MooseyMcMan: It seems odd that they are exclusive in the first place, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. In fact I hope they are so we would see them in tournaments.

#5 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11496 posts) -

@Rappelsiini said:

@MooseyMcMan: You mean against or for it? 1 million Brad Bucks for the DLC appearing in six months or whenever the ultimate edition hits the shelves.

I meant for it. But you've already covered that bet, and I'm a few hundo thou BB short for a bet like that.

#6 Posted by Bestostero (2750 posts) -

this is odd...i thought they would be day 1 dlc, but free is free, and least we'll get it at all!

#7 Posted by Turambar (6924 posts) -

Why is Nick Cage in those videos.

#8 Posted by StarvingGamer (8605 posts) -
@Turambar Why is Nick Cage in anything nowadays? He needs the paycheck.
#9 Posted by Hailinel (25205 posts) -

@StarvingGamer said:

@Turambar Why is Nick Cage in anything nowadays? He needs the paycheck.

Those terrible real estate deals certainly won't pay for themselves.

Meanwhile, I shall ponder who would be a better Poison teammate, Pac-Man, or Mega Man.

#10 Posted by RE_Player1 (7530 posts) -

Kuro and Toro are on the disc day 1 correct? It's weird because I'm actually looking forward to using these exclusive characters, especially Cole cause I love inFamous, instead of hating the mere idea of exclusive characters. Kratos in MK was such a good fit, and in my opinion a fun character to play, that I'm actually accepting of exclusive/guest characters.

#11 Posted by Bestostero (2750 posts) -

@msavo: yeah, the cats are in the disc and ready to go, saw people stream them who got the game early...

not a fan of guest characters, but sometimes they work... though most of the time not so much imo

#12 Posted by RE_Player1 (7530 posts) -

@Bestostero: I think Soul Calibur soured me on guest characters so much I became hesitant about the very thought but after seeing them done right a couple times I'm more accepting.

#13 Posted by Dalai (7093 posts) -

Capcom can use bad box art Mega Man, but why not bad box art Pac-Man? 

Buckteeth and all.
#14 Posted by Bestostero (2750 posts) -

@msavo: yeah SC guest characters are bad...Link? Star Wars? Kratos? Kratos was passable in MK but i still didnt care for him...definitely better than Freddy though, i hated the addition of Freddy... I'm on the fence with Ezio, I'm not a fan but i think he's passable.

#15 Posted by Solh0und (1869 posts) -

Eh, it's whatever.

As long as we aren't getting charged, that's cool with me.

#16 Posted by Bestostero (2750 posts) -

@Solh0und: and that's why i passed on Freddy in MK, is free i guess

#17 Posted by LegendaryChopChop (1263 posts) -

It's probably like this so they can charge for it at a later date. Pretty stupid to do this, but whatever, I just want to play it ASAP.

#18 Posted by Soulblitz (350 posts) -

@Dalai said:

Capcom can use bad box art Mega Man, but why not bad box art Pac-Man?

Buckteeth and all.

Haha, that would have been amazing.

#19 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12259 posts) -

Hackers did discover that Megaman and Pac Man are on the 360 disk. So we can expect to see them at some point... perhaps around the same time as the other 12 DLC characters on the disk.

#20 Posted by Bestostero (2750 posts) -

countdown begins... i havent seen this available yet but i hope its soon!

#21 Posted by Bestostero (2750 posts) -

It's out!!! FINALLY! go download and play now!!!! Megaman and Pacman!

#22 Posted by WebOfSomething (51 posts) -

Does Capcom even have testers?

#23 Posted by Bestostero (2750 posts) -

@WebOfSomething: omg that's hilarious lol

#24 Posted by Hailinel (25205 posts) -

Both Mega Man and Pac-Man are pretty fun, though I don't see myself using either particularly often. I ran through arcade mode with both of them and they feel pretty good from a cursory glance, though. Also, I'm a little sad that the prank version of Mega Man's ending isn't his actual ending.

#25 Posted by StarvingGamer (8605 posts) -

Has anyone tried Pac-Man's trials yet? Trial... 18 I think...? Is fucking impossible. Even if MK to cr.MP is a one-frame link, it should not be this hard to pull off. I successfully completed all 20 trials for the other 12ish characters I've played so far without any great difficulty. I'm stumped with Pac-Man.

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