Pandora Mode and Online Features are out

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Pandora Mode is where you can sacrifice one of your characters for a power boost (X-Factor)

Online Training Mode

2 VS 2 online mode.

edit: Video of Pandora Mode

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These things, more than any character reveal, have sold me on this game.

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Pandora mode is a sign of Capcom learning. Comeback mechanic with a detriment, now its just a matter of whether or not its as good as X-Factor level 3.

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Whoa Pandora Mode sounds serious. Plus you look all awesome.

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Wow, the camera angles on Ibuki's and -that other dudes's-* special attacks are impressive and get me all excited.

*I haven't been keeping up with this games character reveals and I don't know many older Capcom characters.

#7 Posted by Doctorchimp (4163 posts) -

I can't wait until I can play as Sagat/Steve, please be good...

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When I first saw the Pandora feature, I scoffed at it, but later became interested in it.

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