Should I get this or just wait for Tekken Tag 2?

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#1 Posted by DjCmeP (1238 posts) -

Should I get this or just wait for Tekken Tag 2?

It's 27 euros for the PS3 but I heard that the online was pretty fucked during launch..has it been fixed?

Does the gem buying situation make the game feel like a Pay 2 Win game?

I don't have a fight stick and I did alright in SF4. Am I going to get my ass kicked without it in this one?

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Online is fine, last time I played they seemed to have fixed all of the sound issues that people were complaining about.
From what I played gems were never an issue, there isn't one completely overpowered gem.
You'll be fine without a fight stick.
Though I'd wait for Tekken Tag 2. I liked this game enough at launch, but the more I played of it the worse it seemed to get. It's just kind of boring, and a lot of matches end in timeouts with people just jabbing over and over until they can get a hit. Have a look at some matches to see if you like the look of it.

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The online was fixed like a month after launch so it should be fine. 
As for Tekken Tag 2, I would wait for reviews before you dive head first.  
When I played online, It was usually against people that used the autoblock gem so you should do fine.

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Yeah. I think I'll wait and see if TT2 is any good and then I'll get SFXT if it sucks.

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#5 Posted by Demoskinos (17278 posts) -

I'd say just jump into Tekken Tag 2.

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#6 Edited by jnw93 (28 posts) -

Tekken tag 2:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 — 39/40

Persona 4: Arena — 36/40

Super Street Fighter 4 — 35/40

Street Fighter X Tekken (PS3) — 35/40

Street Fighter 4 — 34/40

Street Fighter X Tekken (360) — 34/40

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 — 33/40

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 — 33/40

This is the list of ratings from Famitsu magazine in Japan, highest fighting game score in a decade!

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#7 Posted by Jack268 (3370 posts) -

Not even a Tekken fan but I'd play pretty much anything over SFXT and TTT2 looks really stellar.

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#8 Posted by Jayzz (644 posts) -

I just had a dream of STREET FIGHTER 5... it was better than sfxt.

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#9 Posted by mscupcakes (631 posts) -

It depends, do you like Street Fighter games? If you're more familiar with Tekken games I'd suggest just waiting for TTT2.

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#10 Posted by bretthancock (798 posts) -

The pro community is in flux but there are ALWAYS games online for SFxT. And it's cheap as dirt.

TTT2 looks amazing though.

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