Spectator Mode?

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Anyone know if this is in the game? I've tried searching, but Capcom has been very vague about whether this will be in the game or not.

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I'm pretty damn sure the game supports it. If it doesn't, Capcom fucked up.

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@JJOR64: If they don't put it in, you can bet your ass there will be an Ultimate Edition.

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@hwy_61: Capcom has stated that there will only be one version of this game because Ultimate Marvel tanked and they don't want the same situation again. All updates for the game will be via DLC.

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It looks like the game DOES have both the Ranked match and Endless Battle from AE so it should have a spectator mode:

Just so you know its not my video but this guy also has a video of the Pro Stick and the special edition unboxing, also with a picture of the assembled bank (about half the size of a 360 game box.)

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@KingofClassy: damn, just saw the unboxing and the coverart is that ugly one...i was hoping the alternate cover was just used for the outer box and inside would be a standard edition with all the other bonuses...but no... that ugly cover prevents me from buying the special edition... buuttttt its nice to see that the cabinet isn't papercraft...looks like plastic...or something of that sort...lol

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Ono replied on Twitter awhile back about online modes and included spectator in his tweet. While I've been incredibly worried about it not being included myself (what with MvC3 and all), I'll trust his word that it's in there. Wish I could find the link to that specific tweet but no go atm, definitely saw it though, as a friend linked it to me after I was moaning for the 100th time about being worried spectator might not be in there what with Killian evading ever answering the question (seriously, wtf would he dodge the question if it's confirmed? Just to worry people? Not cool)

Edit: Link found~ https://twitter.com/#!/Yoshi_OnoChin/status/172467967597084672

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@PixelPrinny: Cool. Good work investigating the matter duder!

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@hwy_61: No problem :)

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@PixelPrinny said:

@hwy_61: No problem :)

You're a duder. Lol!

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