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It's a fighting game?

As of right now Street Fighter x Tekken isn't a very good game. Capcom's controversial launch with keeping tons of DLC still on-disc, a hot issue, including colors, gems and characters has irked fans. To make matters worse, when actually playing the game and getting online SFxT doesn't feel like a game that was..actually..y'know tested. Regardless of the version there is audio bugs online where you can't hear stage music or the sounds of hits, character imbalance is blatant and some characters even have easy-to-do moves that will result in an infinite combo.

The game comes across seeming like Marvel vs Capcom without the third character. It becomes routine in this game to get a poke in, go into a combo and do a hit-tag which sends your opponent up in the air while your teammate rushes in to complete their combo. Even worse was the amount of juggling possible in this game which only serves to frustrate.

It seems like Capcom decided to just throw the Street Fighter roster in, without taking any cues about what made that game Street Fighter. Blocking isn't hard to get by, especially when you can jump in at someone with no risk, but don't worry fans Capcom will sell you the autoblock gem for a low-low price of 10-20$

It's these kinds of things that frustrate gamers. Capcom doesn't seem to bother to acknowledge that very very noticeable flaws in a fighting game, a genre where patching and altering stats amplifies how a character plays and how the meta changes by a lot. Instead they focus on charging people for characters, colors (you only start with black and white if you want to customize your character, 4 are being added for free, the rest you have to pay for) and gems. The only hope for Fighting Game Fans will be the eventual SFxT HYPER TURBO REMIX edition where they might patch it.

All that said though, it's still a fun fighting game at times. On the PS3 version you can play co-op with a friend against other players which allows for even more fun and the core gameplay that made Street Fighter games enjoyable are fun but again there's a lot of problems in this game.

I give it a 2 1/2 because it really blows my mind how Capcom let an unfinished product like this out on the market and then turned around and set up its DLC store to cash in.

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Posted by RareDropRadio

I completely agree with your review, man. SF x Tekken was a major let-down for me.

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