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Such a Major Disappointment

Street Fighter x Tekken is just alright at its best. The graphics are terrific, gameplay is decent (though the gem system is incredibly dumb in my opinion) and there are tons of characters to choose from. To make matters worse Capcom's attempt to nickel-and-dime player is just disguising. In the end it just feels rather bland... especially when compared to a game like 2011's Mortal Kombat remake. Give it a rental at best.

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Posted by mishin

I'm curious about what you don't like about the gem system? That theres some set up required?

Posted by bandit911

@mishin: are you serious, the gems should have stayed with power stone, the gem should not be allowed as online play, Gems litterally cheapen the game. As a tekken and a Streetfighter player I have to say that this game is a flub. My team and I would never pay more than 20 for this unfinished crap. The gems were horrible woth streetfighter vs Xmen, yet capcom doesn't actually care for the fans of streetfighter. Money money money right I mean lets be honest , this way anyone can play sf v tekken. This is the reason SSF4 AE has sold more now because gamers want good games now cheap rushed crap. I give this came a 2 out of 10, much much room for improvement, internet volume, gems, infinite combos, overpowered characters, sf characters hit box size frame problems, blocking problems. OMG capcom huge flub

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