Watch Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist May 23 9AM PDT

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Update: Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist will be air in its entirety Friday, May 23, at 9:00AM PDT on Twitch. It will simultaneously be uploaded as a 12-episode mini-series to the Machinima YouTube channel. The positive buzz continues as exemplified in this writeup by Eliver "KillerKai" Ling, well known competitive fighting game player, martial artist, and stuntman. If you have the time, join the stream at 9 and watch how stream monsters react to a movie about a fighting game. Otherwise make sure to check out what can happen when fans take the reigns away from Hollywood later on YouTube.


Update: They just put out a new trailer along with the release date. The 12 episode series will be available in its entirety on Machinima beginning May 23. I'm glad (and very surprised) that they decided to put all 12 videos out at once rather than dole them out week-by-week or something similar. Anyways, here's the trailer that goes a lot more into the Gouki Goken Gotetsu stuff. Tatsumaki senpu kyaku!

Hey, do you guys remember Street Fighter: Legacy, that fan-made video from 2010 of Ryu and Ken fighting that was supposed to be a proof-of-concept for a live-action Street Fighter movie/series? Did you know that Capcom granted them the rights to do the film in 2012? Did you know that they started a Kickstarter for the now-dubbed Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist in early 2013 that was canceled (after receiving next-to-nothing in pledges) after it became irrelevant due to a number of investments from private backers? Did you know that it's finally going to be released, first as a 12-part mini-series of 11-12 minute episodes, starting next month on Machinima?

Well you do now.

The series is going to focus on the early lives of Ken and Ryu, their training under Gouken, and the history between Gouken, Gouki(Akuma), and their master Gotetsu. Impressions from early screenings have been positive, and if Assassin's Fist does well enough its creators are thinking about doing a follow-up series about the World Warriors. Their latest trailer focused on Ken has managed to bring my hype up to an insane level. Here it is:

I don't know what it is, but something about the "Shoryuken!" at the end keeps giving me goosebumps, and I've watched the trailer 5 times already. It's clear this isn't some mass-market Hollywood cash grab (*coff* Legend of Chun-Li [normally I'd link to Screened here /sadface] *coff*), but a film for people who love Street Fighter made by people who love Street Fighter.

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If its better than the Street Fighter Alpha anime, I'm in!

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I mean, it looks alright, but get back to me when they make one of Balrog's rise and fall from grace.

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@starvinggamer: .......................... Holy crap. Has anyone told you that you're a rockstar lately? Alright. I'm on board for this hype train.

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Yeah I've been following this for a while. I think it looks very promising. It's worth posting the Ryu teaser here as well:

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So it's basically like Mortal Kombat Legacy, but not a gritty reimaging and for Street Fighter. Seems alright.

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I thought, this looked amazingly not bad. This teaser has sold me on whatever this turns out to be.

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i doubt this will be as good as The Street Fighter Movie is bad

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Shit, I'm in. This looks hella rad

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hmmmm, the production quality looks good. But man, making Ken into a brooding misunderstood character..... missing the point. And also no thick black eyebrows.

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Rather than create a new thread, I'm just gonna bump this one

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One more bump because that stream is going to be a glorious fustercluck

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Oh noes I have a job.

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I won't be able to join in with the stream, but I'll definitely be watching, it looks amazing!

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I watched it and I really enjoyed it. They told and interesting story and focused on characters and lore first and fights second. I really appreciated that.

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With exception of Gouken's lack of a skullet, I feel that this is a fantastic effort. Hopefully we'll get to see more in the future!

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With exception of Gouken's lack of a skullet, I feel that this is a fantastic effort. Hopefully we'll get to see more in the future!

That will come after he "dies" to Akuma

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@starvinggamer: Heh, I totally forgot about that and his fifteen years spent unconscious.

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