Which one of the original eight Street Fighter II characters was your favorite?

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E.Honda for me.  :-)

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It was between E. Honda and Zangief for me. Since you already chose Honda, Zangief was a natural choice.

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I'm going to be boring and predictable and say that I liked Ryu, the eternal poster boy for Street Fighter.

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Back then it was Blanka. Now I have a huge appreciation for the less popular guys, like Dhalsim, Zangief, and E. Honda.

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Ryu or Guile, but I voted for Ryu.

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I was never that into the Street Fighter movement, but when I did play I always used Dhalsim or Blanka.  Probably Blanka most, though.

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chronicsmoke said:
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For me it was (and still is, right now anyway) Ryu. With Guile in close second and Ken in third.

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Back in the day it was Chunners, I used to call her Chung Li back then.

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Guile. :D

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Gotta love that Ryu.

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