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Due to love of the franchise as well as Sega's ill-treatment of the series, BoMbErGaMeS decided to work on a fan-made remake of the entire trilogy all rolled into one game. Allegedly with blessing from Sega themselves, BoMbErGaMeS went forward on crafting the project for eight years, releasing demos, videos, and screenshots along the way. Many magazines and news blogs had written articles at various points in the game's progression. The game also sports unlockables and other extra content not present in the original trilogy, including an original character made especially for the game.

The game's final version was released to much fanfare, and was ultimately noted to have lived up to the hype. However, the game was pulled from the official BoMbErGaMeS website ten days later, citing a cease and desist from Sega, despite the apparent earlier status of the two companies' goodwill status on the project. Sega released an iPhone port of Streets of Rage 2 the very next day.

While Streets of Rage Remake remains unavailable on BoMbErGaMeS' website, it is still available through many other shady means across the internet, including torrents.

Playable Characters

Unlockable Characters

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