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Their name is a derivation of the Romanian word for a type of owl. They can be either living OR undead, and are known for their ability to transform in to a wide variety of animals (unsurprisingly, owls are one of the typical transformations). In addition to having the ability of shape shifting, they are also known to become invisible at will. They also are said to invariably be red-haired, blue eyed, and have dual hearts. In Albanian myth they are always women and noted for targeting infants out of anger that they cannot bear children themselves.

In The Witcher

Strigas seek a permanent place of refuge during daylight, such as forgotten crypts or tombs. While the exact cause of the curse remains unknown; if a Striga is prevented from returning to their place of refuge at sunrise, then the curse is lifted. A full recovery is not guaranteed and the chance of relapse will always remain, so charms infused with rituals ward off the curse.

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