(PS4) Impressions and Reviews thread.

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Had no idea this game was on psn for ps4. Looks kinda like a 3d resogun type of game. Its been sometime since I've played a space combat shooter. From what I've seen it looks nice visually and it seems fun. I'm downloading the game right now since I'm bored. Anyway for people that played it give your likes and dislikes.

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I was bored tonight and had 10 dollars on my account so I bought it. I just played the first mission.

It seems perfectly fine but I kind of regret it. Everything about it just seems kind of bland. From the shooting to the graphics and the controls. I'll play more and hope it gets better as it goes on.

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I had a chance to play it for sometime and I'm enjoying it so far. In the beginning it starts off slow so you can get familiar with the controls. It feels weird at first, but once you keep practicing you'll start getting the hang of it. I just got the strike suit not too long ago, and its used to wreck havoc on enemies and evade for a limited of time. As for upgrades and weapons it seems you'll start unlocking stuff depending on your mission performance. That's all I got to say for now, but I'll go into more detail once I play some more.

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