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Stroker is a game for the Commodore 64 by Magic Carpet Software, described as a masturbation simulator. The player controls a black hand wrapped around a white penis with blond pubic hair, with the aim of making the penis ejaculate.


Stroking action

The goal in Stroker is to stroke a penis to get it as erect as possible and eventually making it ejaculate before the time limit runs out. However, should the player stroke the penis too vigorously, it will ejaculate before being completely erect and the player's final score will be lower. The penis will flash blue and brown when it is about to ejaculate, giving the player a visual cue when to slow down the stroking. If ever the player's stroking is too slow, the penis will become flaccid. Once the penis ejaculates, a black person of indeterminate gender, who has apparently been watching or participating in the proceedings, will give commentary on the quality of the handjob/masturbation and will ask the player if they want to do it again.


The game is compatible with either the Commodore 64 joystick or the keyboard. The left and up keys are used to control the movement of the hand.

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